The last of us – Comics


For all those who know me you will already know I LOVE ZOMBIES!!! For all of those who don’t know me well you now know 🙂 I absolutely love the world of zombies, the flesh eating, gruesome calling and decomposing mess that they become. I love how in every story they are put in the world to enhance people’s terror making the human race always in peril and that the few survivors that remain must fight to the death to try and live.

Ever since a young kid I remember watching from the hallway when I was meant to be tucked up in my bed, my parents, uncles and friends playing the hit Capcom Resident Evil franchise which I adored so much that with my pocket money I would save up, roll into Waterstones once a month to buy a copy of the S.D.Perry books based on the games. As I grew older the films and other games of the zombie world still hooked me in until I played ‘The last of us’ by Naughty Dog on PlayStation 4. The game was more like watching a film and you can really connect and grow fond of the characters whose lives have been torn apart by an infection, all brought on by fungus spores on a mushroom!!! Scary eh?

Well I loved the game so much I searched the internet in the hope that someone had novelised it but no one had but then I came across the comic book version of the story, its a sort of prologue before the events of the game for one of the main characters, Ellie. Let’s just say I promptly ordered them in a hardback copy with all four inside the one book and as the postman dropped them off a few days later (Yes I was sitting at the letter box like a mad woman, barking with joy like a dog when they arrived…The poor postman) I couldn’t wait another second and sat down to read them, all within the hour between fending off the children and the husband. And well they were better than I expected, I had never really been a comic fan before and well now lets just say I am…hmmm ‘The walking dead’ is my next one.

The drawings by the artist Faith Erin Hicks really show of Ellie’s attitude which I had hoped for as she had a certain aura to her in the game. The writing is short but sweet just giving you enough to bite from to grasp the situation which is unfolding around her but the pictures tell more of the story. Ellie has just reached the age in the post apocalyptic zombie world to join the military boarding school for orphans, they train them up to fight the monsters to survive but Ellie is not one for fitting in well and soon finds herself being targeted by a bully, only for a mysterious girl to come to her aid but the girl has her own agenda for being nice to the newbie. The comic story takes Ellie on a small adventure beyond the military boundary walls, where the zombies are waiting along with other threats such as the fireflies. She learns the true reason the girl wanted to befriend her before meeting the head firefly and how this woman and her mother are connected then after getting into a little trouble with the fireflies and this woman she then shows them her fiery side and you begin to see the Ellie you see in the game. I really enjoyed it, maybe because I fell in love with the games story and the zombies but I actually thought reading it as a comic with the pictures was good fun, all the drawings of the post apocalyptic world with smashed windows, crumbling buildings and people fearing for their lives were cute and gory if there is such a way those two things can be linked together. Plus its good for husbands, as mine tends to like picture books, well and the odd one with words in.

Thanks for reading and if you have purchased or are going to buy the comic I would love to know what you all think too .x. 

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