Well it’s come to that time in my life when my eldest little princess has come of age to start school, so do I feel like crying and getting all emotional? Of course, I can feel myself starting to blub at the thought of waving her off at the school gate but I will also be partying too. Why you ask? Because she is so ready for school and has turned into a mini teenager since nursery stopped just those few weeks ago. The words ‘Mummy I’m bored’ are now fully imprinted on my brain, at least with school she can play to her hearts content, hopefully to the point where bed time can have a routine and she will come home tired and want bed at the normal time of 7.30pm instead of her usual 10pm as she just lays there awake, or is secretly playing with her Barbie’s and princesses. Plus with her learning I can continue earning as the summer holidays have nearly bankrupted mine and the hubby’s purse strings with days out here there and everywhere and with toys to keep them amused on the days we couldn’t handle going out for need of rest.

So what does it mean for me? Well it means I will get some quality time with the miniature princess who has to compete for my attention with her older sibling and I can now do all those things I had done with my eldest when she was an only child. I have seen the future and it consists of going to little play dates again with other miniature princes and princesses, going to soft play and squeezing through the soft barriers that were built for small human beings of a meter or below, not quite for a mummy who has left her skinny years behind her and has to haul her jelly belly and other enlarged body parts from motherhood through.

But I know one thing, I will miss her cheekiness through the day and I will treasure it at weekends, where we will be a whole family unit for just those few days until the mad school rush on a Monday morning. How is it time flies so fast, I remember the day I first met her and held her in my arms and thinking wow school is going to be forever a way but it has snuck up behind me and she is no longer that tiny person I adored, she is now a young girl that I adore. And now I know this feeling I can see my youngest growing up too fast too and before I know it she will be off to nursery then off to school.

Wow world slow down a little and let me continue to enjoy my children, I don’t want them to grow up too fast!!!

How did everyone else feel when their little ones started school? Did you blub or did you party? 😉 x

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