Book Festival

So I have finally been to my first book festival and I have to say what an experience. I met so many amazing people that are all into the wonderful world of words, there were other authors there with their work, illustrators, publishers and even a visit from The society of women writers and journalists. Some of the authors like myself were local and had written many different books with many different worlds, ideas and stories and some of the authors were ones that had been published by a publishing house or simply done it themselves by self publishing but all the works were so interesting and guess what?!? I brought more books than I sold but I couldn’t help myself with so many wonderful creations catching my eye where ever I looked.

I myself took my two novels ‘The Keeper of the Key’ and my new zombie novel ‘Alone’ but there were so many authors just some to name were;

Sheila Bugler

Sean Catt

Martin Link

James Lovegrove

Richard Masefield

Victor L Moore

Jill Rutherford

Silvia Hartman

And Many more…

My knowledge of the Eastbourne Book festival came due to me joining and attending a writing group local to me called ‘New Eastbourne Writers’ were I had met a few of the local authors before hand and the woman in charge Lou had taken over and had now taken her hand to organising the much anticipated event and I have to say she was a woman on a mission and I truly believe the event was a success. The atmosphere that filled the venue was alive with people wanting to find out more about the authors and writing groups that had attended and with the flow of great tea and delicious cake you just couldn’t go wrong.

Going to a book festival is such a great experience for any budding young or older writer as not only can you express your own work but you can learn from others, I went to quite a few of the writers readings where they read from their own works which was compelling as you got to learn how other writers minds worked and how their ideas manifested and came together to create stories, novels and even an adult colouring book. Plus as an added bonus to the whole experience our local MP Caroline Ansell made an appearance and spoke to many of us authors.

If anyone feels like they have a book or a story inside them to tell then why not tag along to your local writing group, if like the group I go to they are exceptionally nice people then not only will they become great friends but they can also guide you, give you advice and it can even work the other way with you being the one helping and giving advice.

Well I’m now going to work my butt off over the next year and get ready for the 2016 book festival…Bring on the books 😉

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