Book Review – Martin Link – Misdirection

512SexFhW2L._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Book review for Martin Link Misdirection.

This is a new age James Bond type novel with an MI5 agent who is extremely addicted to caffeine and coffee. The MI5 agent Lucas Norton tries to juggle the home life with a wife and two children, trying to be the father figure they need and the husband the wife wants but when work calls and he has to leave at a moments notice home harmony is not always do able. This very much shows how real life can make being an agent just a more little stressful at the best of times.

The gadgets in this book would make inspector gadget jealous, with special micro chips that go in the back of your neck which are the size of a grain of rice down to the massive scale surveillance that the special intelligence teams have, to keep an eye out for trouble, this makes me think how much the government and MI5 can really see into the life of an average Joe??? Think of ‘Big Brother’ just on steroids 😉

This is a good fast paced story with some explosive action whisking you through various countries and cities around the world such as New York, England and Italy. With some very clever trickery on the villains side.

The only thing I might have liked to have seen a little more of was the relationship between husband and wife, the story gives you the insight that their marriage maybe nearing the rocks maybe I’m just a soppy house wife wanting to see a little romance and maybe the odd howling, earth shattering row between a married couple to spice the day up a little, although I must add the office flirting was funny and highly entertaining. But with all the action everywhere else in the book between flying G6’s and racing armoured vans maybe it has enough action without the need to look at it in their home life, maybe a deeper look in their marriage could entail in a sequel…Bring on those Martini’s, with coffee, milk and sugar, stirred not shaken.

Highly recommended for those who wish to be a spy for the day, as now you can with the help of Lucas Norton.

Available to buy on Amazon in paper back, kindle and Audio which the book has an award for. 😉

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