Birthdays xxxx

Well for me and my family it has come to that time of year where we have a billion birthdays all in a row but although it is a time to make my purse cry (Well actually the husbands wallet) ūüėČ it reminds me of so many happy memories of the past few years. This week is my youngest daughters second birthday and I cannot believe she is going to be two, I remember holding her close in my arms minutes after being born and admiring how sweet and innocent she looked, now she is still that sweet innocent little princess but she has more fire in her belly along with the terrible two’s and the¬†tantrums that have appeared almost overnight!!! But two years old¬†where has the time gone? It only feels like yesterday that she was learning to crawl, walk, talk and¬†love. Her joyous little baby giggles and babbles have now turned into little girly giggles, she chats like there is no tomorrow and plays with her big sister holding hands. Their love for each other is the sweetest thing I have ever seen and even more so I hope as they get older.

All our birthdays literally fall into months one¬†after another, September, October, November, December and if you add in all the extended¬†family which in ours is quite a large family it goes on to January, February, March, April, May, June, July and August oh Haha that is the whole year, the whole twelve months. Me personally I love birthdays I get super excited buying presents, I buy presents all year round in anticipation for someone’s birthday keeping them hidden in secret places round my house, under the bed, in the wardrobe, in the suitcase and even in the shed at times. When I know one of my family members are having a birthday I get excited, more excited than when its my own, I want to shower them with gifts although I cannot always afford to.

With my sweet little babies though I love to go crazy, I have grand designs on what I wish to buy them, balloons, cakes, toys, clothes but I know gifts are not everything, as long as they have love and friendship from the people around them they couldn’t ask for more. Especially now with everyone penny pinching due to the recession but I don’t go mad with expensive items I do go bargain hunting which I love looking in the sales and even sometimes the odd second hand shop.

WP_20150511_046Happy birthday princess xxxx

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