Music the Muse x

As a writer I know how sometimes we all need that little something to help us get those creative juices flowing, some inspiration, the get up and go…a Muse! A muse as good to my knowledge is a creature that comes when you need a little helping hand, a boost to give you the creative feeling to make those brain cells work and the magic flow from those finger tips. Myself like so many writers and artists and creative people find music to be our muse. I find music sends me into a trance like state where my minds eye opens and all I can see are the stories I need to write, I see the images fly past in my head showing me what I can imagine pushing me to the boundaries of my imagination, I see all the good, the bad and the ugly side to my brain that would normally not come out to play. I am as a person quite shy, quiet and timid but inside my head I am a completely different person, I’m loud, fierce and I know what I want and how to get it but the only time that side comes out is either when I’m so drunk I don’t care or when I’m listening to music, so I sometimes tend to give my characters the personality I desire and wish I could have.

The music I listen to all depends on the type of story I’m writing, with my first book ‘The Keeper of the Key’ I wanted something quite mysterious sounding with a strong personality behind it so I chose ‘Pure Heroine by Lorde’, one of the songs ‘Ribs‘ sounds like chanting which was what I wanted for the opening scene to the book, then the rest of the album complimented it so well I kept to it. My next book ‘Alone’ I wanted something that sounded a little scary or at least to my brain, I needed something that was different and unusual and surprisingly the artist ‘Sia‘ released her album ‘1000 forms of fear’ and that became the album for that book, it flowed so well for it and even now if I’m driving and the song ‘Chandelier‘ comes on all I can see is the beginning of my book and what I saw it to be. At the moment as I write this post the artist ‘Lady Gaga’ is now on repeat for the newest book I’m writing as I need someone with a strong and confident aura to them and she’s the gal for the job!

When I write I see my story play out in my mind like a film, it really is to me like sitting down on a Saturday night on the sofa with popcorn and watching a movie but the only difference is it happens most nights in my head and even during the day, like when I’m having a shower I will see a scene I need to use or have a conversation with two characters that I then need to write down asap so I don’t forget and popcorn doesn’t help it just makes me fat along with the wine, oh I do like a glass of red to relax and get me writing!!! I don’t even get a break when sleeping either, some nights I fall into such a deep sleep that I can hear music playing in the background, it could be any song but normally one I associate with a certain book, I might not know all the words to the song in my waking life but in my dream life I know every word and it plays out like a radio. I quite often get ideas to go into my books from a dream I’ve had that I’ve thought wow that was weird ooo it can go in my book and it adds the extra meat it needs.

I tend to stick to one album and one artist per novel as if I try to listen to another album or artist it fries my brain and I can’t focus properly, there is only the odd occasion where a different song sneaks in but it tends to bleed into it fairly unnoticed until I think oh I have chosen a different song and artist for this chapter but that is rare for me and has only happened once with ‘Ed Sheeran’s song bloodstream’ when I had been listening to Sia the whole time but it fitted in so well.WP_20150412_001 (3) (2)

The artists I enjoy listening to and find their music helps me day dream to imagine are;



*Lady Gaga

*Daft Punk

*Ellie Goulding and more…

I don’t just listen to normal pop artists or electronic type styles I also sometimes when in the mood like classical, for instance for my sequel to ‘Alone’ I like the sound track to the PS4 video game ‘The Last of Us’ which is very classical but it suits the zombie world as it is from a zombie game. Music also helps me zone out as background noises to me are very distracting and what woman doesn’t get distracted easily? 😉 I can have the television on but muted as the noise irritates my train of thought but I like the feeling of white noise in the background, just the electric static current in the atmosphere, I also cannot stand it if there is a dripping tap, chit chat from other people, cars driving past it all prevents me from thinking and writing my best.

So as you can see music is my muse and always has been, I even remember at school doing my GCSE art exam and I had Linkin Park playing on a portable Cd player on repeat for six hours and on for two days to be able to concentrate. So you know how I tick and how my brain functions, what’s your muse? xxx


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