My Kind of Research!!!

Since I started writing I have found that depending on what story I intend to write I have many different forms of research for each of them. I am currently planning my thoughts and creating an outline for the up and coming NaNoWriMo competition which starts in November where you have to write a novel in a month and produce around 50,000 words. I have never put my heart into it before as I had always started another novel and put my blood, sweat and tears into that first but this year I am determined to do it and that for me has meant the month of October has been a month of planning and gathering ideas.

My idea is ‘Pop Stars’, as a kid that was what I wanted to be until of course I noticed I sang like a cat being strangled and I went as red as a beetroot trying to perform in front of anyone. So my next goal was a writer, even as a teen I would hide away in my room writing down scribbles, whether it be a song I listened to and wrote my own words to it, a poem or even a base idea for a book which as I got older I held onto those ideas and have in fact put them into my other works. They didn’t work well together but in different stories they fitted in like a glove. I have chosen the theme of pop star due to me not being able to sing but in my brain and in a book I can be whomever and whatever I like to be, I can be that outrages singer with the loudest lungs and the biggest record deal and the house and the swimming pool until I come back to reality but until then it is my reality.

To accomplish ideas on such a grand idea I needed to study a pop star, a pop star that if I wasn’t so much like me and had a little more outrageous tendencies I would have loved to have been like, a pop star I have loved for years and years…Lady Gaga! She to me is the ultimate pop Queen with her no fear dress sense from wearing bubbles to meat, from exploding bras to sharp pointed space looking attires, she is a fashion diva. Then there are her songs which are pop and totally for the dance floor in clubs, her tunes make everyone want to move their feet whether they like her or not. So to study her royal highness of pop I bought a biography which was written by a woman called Emily Herbert, it shows you the life and party that is Lady Gaga, from her stint at school in a convent with nuns which wanted them to dress and behave like ladies and being accepted into one of the most sought after acting, dance and theatre schools , which in turn she quit after a year and sent her in a totally different direction to becoming a burlesque dancer at a club and knowing how to flash a little skin and moving her body erotically to please the crowd. Then she fell into the drug scene and only coming out when he dad showed his disappointment in her. As well as reading the book and finding out how she as a pop star behaves I also listen to her albums, all three of them on repeat, The Fame Monster, Born this way and Artpop all of which have the groove and beat a pop star needs.Phototastic-14_10_2015_c0d98738-fe47-4e5e-8ced-76b7abc553b9

So once reading and listening I then need to come up with some ideas, so going back to old teenage days of writing to songs on the radio and my poems I found out the folder which contained them and picked out a few which might have sounded good in a song, Maybe!!! Once armed with that I wrote down my ideas adding in where the songs need to go at certain points when I eventually try and write it in November. I have a note book dedicated to each story and I try to plan out the story as much as possible so I can just think about the words that need to go to paper and not the whole idea. Although saying that sometimes I do just wing it to see what comes out and sometimes that can be better if not a little disorganised but that’s what the second draft and editing is for.

As well as listening to music to get those creative juices flowing and reading to control those ideas I sometimes draw…I’m in no way the artist when it comes to drawings but sometimes it calms me down and if I draw of one of my characters it feels more like I know them, like they could be real. I can see them and how they think and how they tick. But like I said my drawings are not pieces of art they are for me to see and know the people I talk to in my head, yes I am one of those who will talk to characters in the shower or whilst doing housework. I also like to take photos of things in my chosen genre of book and edit them, I like to make them into mock front covers which gives me better ideas on how my book looks in my head and hopefully how it will look one day when I finish it!WP_20151018_002

How does everyone else produce their ideas and do their research?

Do you read, listen to music or draw, or do something completely different all together? 😉

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