Book Review : I am the secret WAG ?

article-2656060-1EB191CD00000578-265_306x478I am the secret WAG? Well I wasn’t completely sold on the book when I first found it and I found it at my kids school book sale to raise funds. I just brought it as it was a quid and I couldn’t not buy a book, it goes towards good things for the kids so I needed to show I was willing to help. All the books were brand new too after being donated by a supermarket, which is a bonus as although I have second hand books on my bookshelf I do prefer new ones so the spines aren’t bent at awkward angles. So anyway I took along my £5 note and brought a couple of kids books and then a few grown up ones, two of which I know will be great presents for my nan on her birthday as like me she is a book worm, well actually most of my family are book worms, my sisters bedroom is actually a library with a bed squashed in it somewhere, my mum had read the whole of our local library by the age of 14 maybe even earlier than that and my kids loves sitting there looking at pictures and reading. I had even donated two of my own novels to the cause, I have no idea if anyone brought them but its the thought that counts, right?

Well back to this secret WAG business, I am in no way a football fan, I detest the word football and I am so grateful that my husband is not a fan, his passion is bicycles and the tour de France is the only thing we have to watch yearly but I don’t mind that but football, nope, not for me! I actually thought this book was going to be one of those quick chic flick sort of books you can get from your local supermarket, ones that are ok to read to fill a space in your day but hold no real back bone. The ones where you read it and think, soooo what was it actually about? But I was having a week of writers block and none of my other books looked appealing, I wanted an easy read and thought that will do and I have to say I was actually pleasantly surprised.

The book is not one of those quick chic reads, its about a real woman, a real life WAG and her story about being married to a footballer and how it is not all just a walk in the park and Gucci handbags. I must confess whenever I heard the term WAG before I read this book I automatically thought of some money grabbing tramp who was not in love with the man but in love with the money, in love with the lifestyle of the rich and famous but by cheating as they had no reason for being famous other than being with a footballer. But this woman shows us that although some WAG’s are exactly that, money grabbing tramps, some are not and that they are actually normal human beings.

The book starts with her telling you how she was brought up privileged as her parents were self made millionaires but that they didn’t let it go to her head, she went to school and had to learn, she got a job and studied hard at university before meeting her man in a club. She had never thought about dating a footballer as she had her own misconceptions about them thinking they were thick and players, only after more notches on their bed posts. After seeing how their relationship grew and that they were both normal human beings with feelings for one another you see how she transitions from normal gal who pays her own way, buys her own clothes and only accepts a wage from him once they had been together a while and planned marriage to a designer looking WAG. It shows how going to the football club and waiting in the box watching the game with other WAG’s was a scary business at first as there is a hierarchy, a WAG food chain and you have to start at the bottom and make your way to the top. She also tells you how when she had children how like all mothers she felt the pressure and had the down days and depression, how she had OCD and how it could take control of her life if she let it. How although she might not have money troubles but she did worry about other things which normal parents worry about like children and their safety especially after a spate of break ins at their home. What I also liked and found unexpected was the occasional sexy scene she would share, like how one time they went for a romantic picnic in the woods and whilst she is there starker’s doing naughty things to her man a deer hunter comes through the woods with a gun telling them to get off his land, sexy but scary!

I also like how she feels like many of us women feel, like we have to prove ourselves and make ourselves look good. Yes now a days the media blame the likes of WAG’s for how young girls and women feel like they have to look a certain way but they also paid a part in making the WAG’s like that in the first place, WAG’s used to be quite normal looking until the press started comparing them and making them feel like they had to compete to look the best. There is also the worry of keeping their mans eyes for them only and to stop them straying as so many footballers do, they feel like they must dress to impress all the time not only to turn their mans heads but the heads of other men so their man feels like he should keep her and not let another man have her but also they dress up to ward off other women, to show they dress strong and they mean business. I know even in the normal world there are men and women that stray and cheat but the pressure and opportunity for footballers and wags alike is so much more, with money and girls willing to dress up and throw themselves at men to either bag a man or sell a story to a paper for just a few minutes of fame which in the long run destroy marriages and lives. I can happily say I’m happy I will never be a WAG as I couldn’t put up with all of that, yes the money would be nice but looking good all the time, I am very much a pyjama and slippers kinda girl and like I said before, football nope, no way.

But I did like the book it was different, maybe not one I would read again and again but it was good, it filled my writer-less void for a day or two and even gave me a few giggles. Maybe WAG’s aren’t so bad and maybe they are but if you fancy a different read this could be for you.

(Image courtesy of google/ Daily mail)

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