Week of Events ;-)

My Week of Events …

  • My first event of the week was that I attended a social media Author book release which I happened to stumble across whilst being nosey on one of the writers groups on Facebook, whilst reading through some of the posts I found one by an author called Angel L.Woodz and she had created an event to celebrate the release of her new book ‘Bed of Thornes’ she was calling out for a last few authors to attend her event for an allocated time slot so you could tell the world a little about yourself and your books. She accepted me when I messaged and within minutes she had given me my time slot of 3pm CST time e.g American time so over here it worked out about 9pm at night GMT British time which for me was a godsend as the sprogs would be in bed and I could…Haha hopefully concentrate. As I waited for my hour to come along I had a look through the rest of the event and found some very good and interesting authors and readers as not all that attended liked to write, they liked to read. There were competitions a few of which I won, I won a couple of e-books which I have no idea how to claim as although I have published on Kindle format I still don’t understand the complicated creature that is AMAZON! So my time came and I eagerly tapped away on the laptop, I had been good and prepared for it, I created some teaser pictures with snippets from inside my books, I created a Zombie Survivor game which became one of my competitions which saw one of  my books Alone being shipped off to America. I told them a little about me and my beloved stories and asked them questions too and it was nice to see that quite a few people turned up and had a look at my page even though I am practically unknown, an anomaly in the space time continuum of writers, I am a mere blob of ink in the page universe…I could go on! The feeling at the end of the event was that I might one day achieve a small fan base and maybe even be known as an author and writer, I want people to know me as just that. After finding out about an online event such as this I might be inclined to try out my own version in a few months time maybe when I release my next book. Phototastic-01_11_2015_352cdec5-7e18-4167-ada9-f1d1fbfa5ac2Phototastic-01_11_2015_00cb3167-9c0d-43cd-86ed-5ae07c9febb6
  • My second event of the week turned out to be both my daughters joint birthday party, although their birthdays are a month apart for the money reason and for the fun factor we decided to mush both parties into one which actually turned out better than I thought. My youngest is at that age where presents, playing and partying are now a good thing and she understands to a certain degree, mainly being that she sung happy birthday to herself all day. My eldest is a mature partygoer at the ripe old age of five, she knows the extent of presents, games and party food and knows how to work the crowd of friends she is in to adore and love her and she got pretty much all she wanted, which was mainly to have all her mates in one place, especially the ones she misses from her old nursery and some that went to different schools and of course some very good gifts. The planning for a party like this goes on for months, what to wear, where to have it, who to invite and what entertainment and this year we had to up the anti a little bit, of course like all kids and their mothers there is that need to out do or at least look good to the other mums, like you are a pro…I am not a pro, I am shy, I don’t like talking out loud and cannot cope with the stress of controlling and entertaining other people’s kids, yes my own I am fine with but others just scare me, their small and innocent eyes looking at you as if saying, what you gonna do now party mum? So we decided on a soft play area that cater for everything, they have the play area, they provide the invitations, they play games with the kids and they feed them which is a result, the only thing I had to provide was the cake! I also booked a surprise for the kids in the form of a Disney princess…Cinderella! The girl who came all dressed up was fantastic, she sang and she danced and the all the kids were mesmerized even I wanted to join in with all the fun. The party was a chaotic mess of sweat from panic mostly on my part as I don’t do social events or at least not in person, the kids were running round having the time of their lives but looking through the cool chaos the party was a success and everyone said how they had a good time, whether they were just being polite I wont know but it did seem to go rather well and I have to say I’m happy that’s over at least for another year. Well I guess I better start planning next years if I’m to out do this one and impress all my mummy friends and acquaintances that I meet through the school and nursery 😉 But maybe next week I’ll take a breather of stress and chaos and stick to writing for a few days, if the kids let me that is x

 12227152_10153259135946519_199185747403741888_nCinderella courtesy of… Magical Princess parties-Sussex x.x.x.x.

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