Legendary Sunday Roast

What I love about being in a family unit is the need to come together at meal times to express our love for one another either by candle light haha (I wish), gossip to each other which I am very prone to doing and listen to the kids stories about what they have done that day. One of the meals that everyone knows brings a family together is the Legendary Sunday Roast, the sizzling hot cooked chicken or the juice filled beef joint cooked just to the point of perfection, the fat covered roasties where the spuds just melt¬†in the mouth, the crisp and just so cooked vegies and the huge Yorkshire pudding that crumbles into nothing in your mouth topped off with the taste tickling gravy…yes I am actually quite hungry as I write this.

The roast is a winner, everyone flocks to the family home and to the dinner¬†table to await the aroma of the beauty that is being cooked in the oven, people¬†you haven’t seen¬†for ages like the hidden teenager in their room who has been in there for weeks finally comes down to the smell of the chicken, the¬†brothers, sisters, children, cousins, mothers, fathers and grandparents all come to take their seat to be with one another to join in the joy of food.

One of these occasions where the food brings these people together is Christmas and I for one love it, I remember as a child going to one of my grandparents houses and waiting patiently whilst they¬†cooked all the¬†grub.¬†This particular set of¬†grandparents used to own a hotel and their Christmas¬†dinners were¬†something of a miracle and amazing, their kitchen if I remember rightly wasn’t huge but the amount of food that left that kitchen¬†was awesome, the trays of spuds that would be placed strategically between guests of the hotel and the large family they adorned were ten to the dozen. I can see me and my cousin tying to sneak the odd extra potato on our plates before being told to not be so greedy as everyone wants some of the potato’s. The atmosphere was that of¬†Christmas cheer and spirit, they believed very dearly in god and would make sure¬†we all said grace before digging in although by this time I had already devoured three Yorkshires and picked the chicken skin off the plump bird sat on my plate. Once the¬†food was gone other than just a few crumbs left to show that¬†anything had even been there moments before me and my¬†year or so older cousin would go for a trip around the hotel, running up and down the stairs and terrorising the amused guests, some were very cheery and would laugh as we hid from our parents who were apologising profusely for our disruptive behaviour, whilst others would growl with dismay that the lovely couple who owned the hotel would allow such nonsense to happen. After escaping down one¬†of the fire escapes and sneaking back in through the kitchen, sticking our fingers in the much awaited Banoffee pie my dad would¬†have made specially for the occasion and running off as someone caught wind of us being around we would then hide with one of the residents who I believe actually lived at the hotel. She was a lovely old lady who in this particular memory I have was bed bound as she was very poorly and I imagine soon to be at deaths door but she was¬†always happy to see¬†us and would talk¬†for ages about¬†what we got up to. I remember one time and I think to be the last¬†time I saw her she¬†asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I asked for a dolls house and¬†told her how much I had always wanted one, she told¬†me to wait and see and that one day I would own a dolls house of my own and she was right at the ripe old age of¬†20 my¬†husband¬†(At the time boyfriend) brought me one for my birthday and¬†after being snowed in¬†and not being able to¬†get out to work we set about building it, it now belongs to my eldest daughter who has made her own¬†alterations to it, but he knew my love for them and brought me a do er up er last year which is nearly¬†finished. These memories¬†make me love how the traditional roast can make people happy, just the smell brings back memories that I hadn’t thought of¬†for¬†years, makes me love my family and want all this for my children as they grow up. I want them to get into mischief stealing roasties and handfuls of Banoffee pie, I want them to giggle and hide from us parents as we try to¬†calm their excitement down, I want them to remember that being part of a family unit is sharing meals together and sharing memories.

I want the Legendary Sunday Roast to be a part of my family forever and I think it should be a part of everyone’s family…So get cooking and get creating those memories as you only live once xxxx

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