Money 💵…The Never winning feeling…

Money, the most horrible word known to man. Its created wars, created a huge divide between the classes and even family and friends. It has the tendency to makes me a nervous wreck! I hate the word and I hate seeing the actual small gold coins or the notes that get handed in your palm one second to be snatched right back out again.

Bills, rent, mortgages, cars, children and pets they all cost money, money that now a days people just don’t have. I hate seeing all the things on social media and the news how more and more people are having to turn to foodbanks to feed their families. I even volunteered last Xmas to try and get people to donate more food and toiletries and it was surprising to learn it was normal families like mine with one parent working or switching jobs which was making people need to use it. It also came as a shock when I saw my health visitor the other week for my daughters two year check and she had to ask how we were financially as its families with kids that suffer the most, she even said if we needed help with food eg foodbank to contact them as they can help put your name to the charity. I was totally taken aback by her asking and telling me this.

How is it live in a world where poverty and people living below the breadline still happens, we have progressed so much with technologies, medical science and other fantastic things yet money is still the biggest thing that hasn’t been advanced and by advanced I mean made more available to people who need it most not those who don’t. How is it we have children in the UK starving hungry because their parents have to chose between keeping a roof over their head or feeding them, how is it the rich are still getting richer and the poor are getting forever poorer? How is it even money in other countries is still affecting the people that live there with no clean running water or medical supplies to save the sick? This world revolves around money and it doesn’t care who it hurts in the process. I hate money so desperately but want it and need it to eat and survive and although I hate it so much I thrive to have it, I want more so I can live how the other half lives which is how it turns peoples brains and makes them monsters. I don’t want to become a monster.

Here is a poem by me of course…

Money, Honey, its a terrible thing, makes everyone blood thirsty like a money grabbing king, you think joy, you think wealth and happiness it can bring, but instead it keeps you numb and gives you nothing, if your poor your a peasant no money for that present, if your rich you have freedom, time to release that boredom, Money, Honey, is a terrible thing, the stress of those pennies can cause such a sting, paying the rent, paying the bills, all goes out of your hand to fund the millionaires hills, it all goes Ka-Ching just not in my wallet…Its got a hole the bastard thing!

By Mercedes N Prunty xxxx



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