So it is the end of November and if like me you have attempted NaNoWriMo you will be delighted to see the back of it and to be able to put that smoking pen down and relax for a day or two, that is until your book calls to you in the night, begging to be finished, begging to be edited and begging for your undivided attention. Writing a book is like having another child, it needs to be loved, nurtured and cared for to grow into something amazing. Now I’m not so big headed that I think my books and work are amazing in fact I read through sometimes and think, oh I put that in there then huh! But if you don’t feel positive about things positive things won’t happen so I try to always look on the bright side of my writing, yes it might have a mistake here and there¬†but then I know that I wrote it and worked my ass of to edit it to the best of my mummy brained ability and with two kids running under my ankles that is a mission.

So for you all¬†that don’t know November is National Novel Writing Month and is a world wide exercise to get people writing. The rules are you have to write at least 50,000 words in a month to enter and to become a ‘Winner’. Anyone and everyone can be a winner so long as they commit and write all 50,000 words. It is a struggle or at least I found it to be, I don’t like being forced into writing something as it makes me almost want to shut off but I done it and now that I have I’m very pleased with what I wrote, I will go through and rewrite and make it into a proper full length novel but it got me started and got the main story there. I have found since completing it I now don’t feel so shackled to the computer with chains and my ideas are coming in thick and fast naturally¬†so I know that I can hopefully within the next few months get this story finished, edited and published on Amazon.

The story I wrote for NaNo was the sequel to my ‘Alone’ novel which I have titled ‘Lone’ as it is very fitting for¬†that series. It is a carry on from where I left off at the end of Alone, it starts five years later and we see how all my characters have moved¬†on and started to settle in to the devastated world which is still being hounded by¬†the infected creatures and the humans which¬†can be¬†more monstrous than the monsters. It takes you on a journey¬†on what has happened to the country of England and how the people have evolved to¬†cope¬†whether that be in a good way or a bad way. I love writing my zombie/ creature¬†novels and have plans to make¬†it into¬†a three book series but when its done I still have so many ideas for many other stories so I think NaNo might become my yearly thing now to quickly get the ideas out there and ready to write into more books.

I wonder how everyone else got on who took part in NaNoWriMo, were you a winner? Or were you a take part-er but¬†not quite a finisher? What ever you¬†done and however you done it carry on and make those stories come alive xxxx ūüėČ

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