‘Bed of Thornes’ by Angel L Woodz , Review and interview x

‘Bed of Thornes’ the name in itself is intriguing enough but with its steamy sex scenes, a broken heart or two and an addiction that takes over in the bedroom, makes this a pulse raising, vein throbbing, erotic novel.

Now I do have to admit I’m not normally one for the sexy romance and erotica scene, I have never read 50 shades nor have I seen the film, I just have never felt compelled to read such things, they have not tickled my fancy as it were, until now.

I found Angel’s book whilst tagging along to her social media book release event of ‘Bed of Thornes’ and purchased the book on Amazon to help support the author seen as she had let a load of us other authors muscle in with our own works in timed slots over so many days. The event was a success!

Now after looking after the kids all day all I wanted to do was sit and read so grabbing my kindle I turned it onto Angel’s book which had me hooked instantly, you get to know Veronica Thorne a little and how work is her life but meeting the sexy hot Adrian stirs up something she had kept secret inside. She is a control freak and loves to be in control of her home life (which is non existent) and her work life which takes over the former but not only is she controlling in these parts of her life but also the bedroom. She sets her sights on the young musician Adrian and he sets his sights on her but both have different ideas of how things should work out between them. Her inner addictive beast awakens and she wants his body and soul but not his heart she wants fun and sex, where as he is a little more sensitive and wants something deeper. Things get hot under the covers between them until something in her career threatens to pull them apart but has she chosen the right choice? Leaving someone very heartbroken. I must say the only thing that didn’t quite quench my first for the book was the ending but not because it was bad but because it all ended so quickly but on a sort of cliff-hanger which left me wanting more, I wanted to know what was happening to them both after the fateful decision Veronica made. Although as this book is going to be a trilogy I feel the author Angel L Woodz done this on purpose so as to not give too much away as to what will come, it does leave you a little thoughtful as to what is going to happen in the next book.

Now myself at the beginning I found Veronica to be a very likeable character but at the end I found my self slightly angry and annoyed at her where as at first with Adrian I was a little weary about his true intentions but I soon fell in love with him with his sweetness, thoughtfulness and sexiness…And I want to know whether  he can heal his broken heart and whether she can fix it.

With Veronica’s naughty side and Adrian’s sexiness you won’t be disappointed, in fact whether your male or female you will be wanting more of the opposite sex’s certain body parts once your finished.

And now for an interview with the Author ANGEL L WOODZ…

Q: What was your inspiration for Bed of Thornes? How did the story come to you and how did you know that Veronica and Adrian were meant to find each other?

A: My inspiration for Bed of Thornes came to me instantly once I decided to begin writing professionally. It was like the characters were just in my mind waiting to be brought to life.
Veronica was my first character created for the book and she just began flowing the narration. I knew from the start her last name would be Thornes which inspired the title of the book.
I listened to a lot of R&B at the time by a singer named Adrian and he really got in my head so he is the inspiration behind the character of Adrian, although initially he wasn’t named after the singer, but it worked out coincidentally that way.
I wanted to give a feel of an independent woman that’s older and experienced and knows what she wants (and just how she wants it) so the younger male was fitting for her to be attracted to and he fell for her right away for many reasons, it was just meant that they clicked though they can be quite opposite on certain levels.

Q: Is it true Bed of Thornes is going to be a trilogy? Will Adrian’s broken heart be healed within the next two books or will Veronica’s trip mean she will find someone new? Or will we just have to wait and see?
Was there a particular reason you chose Dallas and France as the main settings in Bed of Thornes?

A: Yes, Bed of Thornes is a Trilogy that’s in the process of being written now. I definitely will not wait a year in between releases like some authors seem to do with Trilogies or Series. Maybe a few months in between considering the writing process, editing, proofreading, and formatting all before publishing… but I plan to release them as closely as possible without rushing the process too much, I want the story to be told well and I had to rush the first book too much so I’m trying to perfect my craft as I go while still releasing in a timely manner. As far as the outcome, you will just have to wait and see. 😉 All I can say is there is plenty more to be told and I hope that the readers are pleased with the plots.
Dallas came to me when thinking of a warmer area after I wrote a random scene that talks about Adrian’s Puerto Rican skin glistening in the sun, the location just worked for me… plus the places, like the Aldophus Hotel and others, were part of some inspiration behind the story as well.
France is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit but never have. It also worked with Veronica’s inspiration since Paris is all about art.

Q: How long have you been writing for? And do you use any past ideas or writings to help within the novels you have just published?
Will you stick to romance and erotica or do you think you will blend into other genres to?

A: I’ve been writing since I was very young. I wrote Poems, Song Lyrics, and Short Stories. Some of which I won various awards for. Books in general have always been a passion of mine. I started reading young and couldn’t get enough of it. Though I’ve always wanted to be a writer, I never thought it was really possible… finally, mid 2015, I decided to share my passions with the world and became published. I only hope to continue with my followers for a lifetime, as this is something I could never see giving up.
I write in the main genre of Romance but multiple sub-genres; Erotic, Contemporary, Comedy, Drama, and more… all Romance related. I like to read and write more than just one genre and I love connecting with readers of many categories!

Q: And lastly what advice would you give to someone who wants to write in your genre but is maybe a little afraid of the criticism that can come with it?

A: Honestly, criticism comes in many forms and it wouldn’t matter what you do in life… there’s always someone against it in some way… that’s just the way the human race is. Don’t be afraid to do what you love, Ever. It really doesn’t matter that there will be anyone against it, it matters that you enjoy it and tons of others will too!

Thank you very much Angel L Woodz for you time and I wish you all the best for your books.

You can buy ‘Bed of Thornes’ 0.99p on Kindle and ‘Holiday’s Presence’ 0.99p on Kindle on Amazon .x.









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