Life is a funny thing really, we are born, we live and we die. Like our very own story it has a beginning, a middle and an end. This week I learnt how very precious life is and how quickly things can be taken away from you, you hold no power and no control over what happens, something does all the decision making for you and you just have to live life with what happens and try to adapt to it.

My world very nearly shattered into tatters before my very eyes last Friday, I had just gotten in the door from the school run, shoving the family dinner in the oven before turning to help the kids with something they were squabbling over, then it came, the phone call. I don’t normally pick up calls to numbers I don’t know, just because I am quite nervous and shy and don’t like talking over the phone, if I can avoid it I will. Give me a text or a pen and paper any day I’m a writer not a talker. But with this call I just had the inkling I had to answer it so I did. ‘Hi Mrs Prunty please don’t panic but I’m with your husband, he has been involved in an accident, he was walking home from work and has been hit by a lorry!’ DON’T PANIC!!! Well I have to say panic I did and the tears soon came thick and fast as the realisation hit home that I might lose my husband, my best friend and the father to my beloved children. Finding out which hospital he was going to I managed to get my nan and mum round to look after my kids before I slowly raced off to the hospital he had been taken to which was an hour a way from my town on a good run, on a bad run an hour and a half. And by slowly I mean I couldn’t afford any other accidents so taking it slow it was for me, with my nerves giving me the shakes and my brain thinking the worst I drove like my life depended on it.

Well after arriving at the hospital I was relieved to see my husband was chatting away to nurses and not as completely broken as I expected (I had really expected the worst), yes his leg and ankle had been crushed and shattered, the muscle in one arm was sitting at a weird angle and he was bruised black and blue but he was alive and conscious and that was all that mattered to me. Seeing him there vulnerable in a hospital bed shook me to my core, my husband is in no way the vulnerable type, he is our man of the house and he looks after us and protects us but I knew that he was safe and alive and sooner or later he will be back in his manly manner protecting and supporting his home. He had his first op which was to give his bones some support by drilling metal scaffolding into his bones and to wait for the swelling to go down so they could then re operate and do the thing that really needed doing, which is to replace the crushed bones with metal plates to hold the ones that are still usable and healthy together but for now he looks like a half terminator man.

This happening really made me think how bad this could have been, I could have lost him in that instant never to speak to him again or to hear his voice talk to me over the phone, those small annoying man habits he has that annoy me but I know I would have missed. I consider myself so lucky that he is here with us still. Being hit by a lorry is no small feat and as a nurse told him that only a few months ago a guy who had been hit by a lorry and dragged underneath for about a mile was so badly hurt and ‘Mangled’ was her words that he died on the scene. It scares me that that could have been him…But I do believe that his dad was looking over him that day, keeping him here with us. Now all I have to worry about is the operation he now has to under go on Monday morning to fix his shattered leg and ankle but fingers crossed hey!!!


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