The ENEMY…By Charlie Higson…Book Review

My Review of ‘The ENEMY’ by Charlie Higson.51RTG8tBlLL._SX323_BO1,204,203,200_Well what a read this was, as usual a lot of my books are ones that my little sister has brought and not liked or found boring and to make room in her ever bulging bookcase they get given to me. It had been sitting on my bookshelf for about four or five months until one night whilst putting youngest Prunty to bed (As her sides on her cot are now down and you must lay with her till she drops off or she runs riot) I found my phone’s battery dead and the kindle app I used at bedtime to stop myself from dropping off suddenly became useless. Trudging into my room I searched my book shelf and decided this was the book I was going to fill the time with until she was asleep but what I didn’t expect was to fall in love with the book, so much so I ordered the next six books in the series that very same night as I knew I couldn’t bare to wait to see what happens to all these lovable characters.

Yes its a zombie novel which if you know me I do love a good zombie story which might be why my sister gave it to me and not the charity shop, well yes its a zombie book but not like your average one its a story of a world where only the kids have survived, only the people aged 14 and under are still alive. Their enemy…The Grown-Ups the ones who had been their protectors, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, uncles and aunts. Everyone over the age of 14 had been hit by a sickness that turned them into blood thirsty, blister and boil ridden corpses that had only one thing in mind, to kill, eat and destroy and that meant taking the lives of the innocent children. The story starts with a groups of kids who have survived since the sickness and have camped out in an old supermarket ‘Waitrose’ but their supplies are getting thin and the need to find food and survive is growing more needy with each passing day. Until another kid arrives with information of a safe haven, a place no one would have thought to go to, Buckingham Palace. Their journey there is not an easy feat with grown-ups appearing out of every darkened corner, ready and waiting to eat them limb from limb, rival gangs of kids wanting to fight their territory and the occasional odd bod hidden away in the deepest, darkest crevices of London to hunt down the survivors.

This book is a brilliant read, at first I thought it wouldn’t be that scary or frightening as kids were the main characters but it totally freaked me out in places, the darkness and fear that resides in their lives is good for making you think about all that bumps in the night. Plus some of the characters although they are young teens and children they have some adult voices coming through to tell the story so yes you see the youngster in them but you also understand the adult reasoning behind some of their actions. Very recommended read and well worth buying the whole series to find out what happens, I know I will have fun reading them all .x.

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