New Years Resolutions…WRITE, WRITE and WRITE!

Everyone makes them and everyone breaks them I know I do but making a new years resolution is all part of the fun of thinking of how to make the new year better than the last one. 2015 for me was a good year in the sense that I self published two books, met some amazing new people at a local writers group, my eldest started school and my youngest told me she loved me for the first time but in another sense 2015 was not a good year. We had money troubles galore as my hubby who worked his butt off as a self employed builder and painter was messed about with money meaning every month we didn’t know how we were going to feed our kids and keep the roof over our heads, then he got a new job on the books thinking he was safe and secure only to find out the company had been sold, they messed his money around and then told him they no longer needed him and some of the guys and sacked them and then on the same day he was hit by a lorry which drove off and left him. Luckily though he is still alive. We had other troubles to, I had a miscarriage which I know many other mums go through but it is still a painful process to happen. All this built up and makes for a pants year but then I do look at the bright side and think well my children are happy and healthy and as a whole my family are still here with me.

So what was going to be my new years resolutions? What could make 2016 any better than 2015? Well number one is to plant a tracking device on my hubby so I know where he is at all times and whether he is in danger from other vehicles, I may also do this for my kids to, good to know where they are at all times. lol.

But seriously what do I say, what should I promise to do for my self and family.

Number one: Write more and publish more books. Seems pretty obvious but the more I get out there the more chance I have of people noticing my work and gaining more readers which is what I want, I want avid readers that love my books and want more.

Number two: Read more. Simple that’s easy right? Along with fitting in children, husband, housework, writing and everything else.

Number three: Haha to this one, lose weight! Haha wetting myself literally at this one as isn’t this what everyone puts? But I have a made a promise to myself as the weight I am at I am not happy with, I have gone up a dress size this year and now wear Bridget Jones knickers everyday instead of on pyjama day as other pretty knickers just get eaten by my ever expanding buttocks. But swimming is what I have told myself I am going to do as I like it when I take my youngest and I loved it as a kid.

Number four: Tell people to piss off more. I am the type of person who never says no to anyone, I try to please everyone and I get taken the piss out of a lot by friends who abuse my nice side but this year I am determined to maybe bitch myself up a bit, not feel the need to please everyone and think about me and my happiness for once and if those people don’t fit in it then goodbye to you!

Number five: Win the lottery…well I want that to happen so that’s gotta count right?

Whether I achieve these goals I’ll have to wait and see but I’m hoping I do and I’m sticking with five as I can count that on one hand, anymore and I might lose my tiny mind xxxx Happy new year and bring on 2016!!!!

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