The End… By Charlie Higson…

51G94+iE6JL._SX323_BO1,204,203,200_So I have now read all seven of ‘The Enemy’ series by Charlie Higson and I have to say they were the best books I have read in a long time. The books in order go, ‘The Enemy, The Dead, The Fear, The Sacrifice, The Fallen, The Hunted and The End’. The books follow different groups of children whose world has been turned upside down by a disease which turns everyone over the age of fourteen into deranged, blood thirsty monsters. It all starts with a boy called Small Sam being kidnapped by the grown-ups, his younger sister and friends all think he has been killed but in the later books you find out he isn’t dead and that he is some sort of special kid that can stop the disease.

The last book brings it all together with all the intermingling stories of the other groups of kids all coming together, there is an epic battle between the grown-ups and the kids. The disease turns out to be an alien parasite which fell to the Earth hundreds and thousands of years ago, first it attacked smaller animals before working its way up the food chain finally reaching humans. The humans it first attacks are a tribe hidden deep within a jungle, they are found by the westernised world and studied. As they cannot communicate they unwittingly spread the parasite to the scientists, those scientists then came home and spread the parasite which lays dormant for so many years before being awakened and turning the whole grown-up population crazy. The kids are clever and with the help of a grown-up whose infection hasn’t turned him completely idiotic and with Small Sam’s blood they make a cure which is not for the adults but for the kids who might become infected.

I find Charlie Higson as an author extremely talented in keeping the reader wanting to read on and find out more, he keeps the story going at a good pace and gives enough blood and gore to satisfy the horror vibe but it also shows how vulnerable and how strong kids can become if needed. He is also very ruthless and is not afraid to kill of a lot of characters or in another sense make you think one of them has died that you think is a minor character but they come back playing a big role in helping Small Sam’s sister. One of my favourite characters was Maxie, a girl who at the very beginning is unsure of herself but as certain events unfold becomes a strong leader and knows her own mind. Another one of my favourites is Ed who is the pretty boy at the start, relies on everyone else and mainly his best friend to kill the monsters as he is too scared but as time goes on and he loses those friends and becomes a scarred and damaged person, he becomes the fighter, the one everyone else relies on and its nice to see him grow into this role. Although there isn’t much mention of Ed in the last book until the final chapter his presence is felt and the other books do focus on him and a strange connection between him and one of the grown-ups. The head grown-up who is cleverer than most has ordered his army of monsters and parasites to group in London where the big fight takes place, you do think if this really happened in the real world there is no way a group of kids could take on a large army of Zombie-fied adults and win but there are certain people and events that managed to make appearances and then you can believe how they can win the day.

Now its over though I’m left feeling rather empty, yes I have my own books to write and now I have finished that series I shouldn’t be too carried away from my own work but I’m missing those characters and their stories, its like I was really there helping them fight the grown-ups. Maybe a second read of the series will be in order later on in the year.

So overall fantastic book, fantastic series, fantastic Author!!!!

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