Twilight 10th Anniversary edition …Life and Death…

I have to say I was rather excited when this book came out but I didn’t buy it straight away as I couldn’t justify £16.99 for a book I had already half read and by half read I mean one half of the book is the original Twilight story told by Bella and the other half is it reimagined as their roles reversed. So I waited until my local book store had it down for half price which is a shame as now I can see why. I originally thought that Bella would become Edwards role as the vampire and that he would become her role as the human but… sort of but not quite. It seems Bella is just now Beau, just imagine her with short hair but still Bella and then look at Edward who is now Edythe just a girl version of himself.

When I purchased it I believed that Bella would become Edward, that she would become strong, alluring and blood sucking and that he would be the weak human but I have to say I was slightly disappointed. The boy Beau is just Bella, nothing really different that I can see, in fact I don’t really like him compared to Bella, he’s weak, annoying and girly, yes you can get boys who are like that but seen as Bella to me could be girly and a damsel in distress it just doesn’t read right to see a boy in those shoes. Edythe I can relate to a bit more, you can imagine the girl vampire all moody and scary but then it gets confusing, Stephanie Meyer to me has changed too many characters, I would have left Alice as Alice and Dr Cullen as Dr Cullen and so on with the others but she has gone through and changed them all, swapped genders and given them new names. Which has totally confused my brain, I now cannot picture them like I could before, maybe its because the film is so ingrained in my brain but I think it would be easier to imagine Beau and Edythe if the others stayed the same. She kept Bella’s parents the same which makes that part easier to read. Even the kids at the school have changed roles and sexes which just makes a confusing read. If I’m completely honest I think she only changed so many characters because people would moan about the book being exactly the same word for word other than Bella to Beau and Edward to Edythe. The idea might have seemed good for the author to do but in hindsight its just a rather elaborate money making scheme as Twilight is now older and probably not raking in as much as it used to and they needed something to relight the spark. I would have preferred it if she had written something different, still within the Twilight saga as such but maybe with someone else as the main character, maybe with Alice and how she became but in depth with a story to go along side, or maybe with Renesme all grown up and with Jacob, I would like to see what troubles the Voltori might produce in the future for them or maybe even a new cult of vampires. I think this was not the way she should have gone and I personally feel ripped off, I have two books nearly the same but one is a gone off version. A rotten apple!



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