Sylvia Stein … Author Interview x

So here is my interview with Sylvia Stein author of … Chasing Clarity and Closure.


Q1) First of all, thanks for agreeing to an author interview with me, hope you are comfortable? So what inspired you to become a writer, do you have a cute little story about how it happened or did you always want to write and produce stories?

A1) Yes, I am. Thank you so much Mercedes. I appreciate you having me on. Actually, I do have a cute little story. I was inspired to become a writer since I was about 5 years old. It was when I was back in school and went to the library I remembered being mesmerized by all the books and I remember telling my mom I would write one day. I loved how books took me another world and I wanted to grow up and produce stories.

Q2) When you were a child what was it you wanted to be? Did you have a backup dream in case you decided writing wasn’t for you?

A2) I always loved writing but also wanted to be a teacher. One of my favourite teachers was Ms’ Barber she was my first grade teacher and she was always so helpful and I knew I wanted to teach and I did. I love it.

Q3) How many books have you written and published so far? Do you have a favourite and why?

A3) In total I have published now 10 books overall. I began with my Writers Group 750 0n Linked In and began writing some short stories and I am very proud of them. However, I am most proud of being able to work on two solo books a novella entitled ‘Closure’ which I published in July of 2014 and last year I published my first YA a novel entitled ‘Chasing Clarity’ on October 2015. I love all my works but I am most proud of my solo books. I love the characters of Sara in Closure for all she has to go through and I also love Mia in Chasing Clarity because she also has to go through her own emotional journey.

Q4) How long does it take you to write a book from start to end including editing?

A4) Well it takes me I want to say about 15-18 months sometimes even more, take for example Closure was published in July 2014 but I began working on it in the summer of 2012 through 2013 and then published it and then Chasing Clarity was born on National Novel Month 2013 and it was published last year. I have to say the short stories are easier to work on take for instance I just published 2 stories along with my dear friends and amazing authors, Lynette Lee and Elle Bryant Henry for an amazing Anthology which just published for Charity through a girl and her books publishing and it did not take us that long to publish it maybe about six months.

Q5) What advice would you give to a budding writer who doesn’t know much about the writing world?

A5) The best advice they gave me and it came from an author and Book Doctor named David Henry Sterry is to join a Writer’s group. For me it was one of the best decisions I made. I joined in 2011 on Linked In and then enrolled at SNHU for my masters in creative writing and English. I am not saying you have to enrol in a writing program but it did help me and also helped me sharpen my skills. As I said Writing groups helped me and both the ones on Linked In and SNHU were very supportive. You just have to find the right one.

Q6) Where do you like to write? Some people like to relax at home at their own desk or on the comfort of their sofa, some go to Cafes and drink gallons of coffee, what works best for you?

A6) I love to write at home by my desk during the day and by the sofa on the weekends and yes I love drinking my coffee and also have my playlists of songs that inspire me by my side as well. Preferably Classical, also movie scores by Hans Zimmer and John Williams etc.

Q7) Do you have a favourite piece of writing music that you like to write to? Or any writing rituals that you like to go by?

A7) Yes, as I said the type of music or ritual is to write to classical or movie scores or soundtracks.

Q8) Do you have any works in progress that you will be releasing this year?

A8) Yes, I will be releasing my prequel to Closure in May or June of this year and this will be the father’s point of view and it will be his thoughts on what happened between him and his estranged daughter while she was taken away due to his drinking.

Q9) Now I would like you to plug away about your books, tell us anything about them that you would like people to know. Blurb, setting or something about the characters or if there is anything you would like to add?

A10) Well Closure is a story set in Minneapolis Minnesota, Ashville North Carolina and Raleigh and it focuses on Sara James and her estrangement of her father Garrison who lost focus when Sara’s mother dies and relies heavily on drinking. He Abuses a young Sara who is very young when her mother dies of cancer. He goes through his own journey and then tries to make up with his daughter and goes through AA and then upon learning that he is dying wants to make amends with his estranged daughter who has rebuilt her life and is now a young woman living with her Aunt Valerie and Uncle Kyle.

Closure 2014 Sylvia Stein

Meanwhile Chasing Clarity is about Mia Gerard and what happens when she loses the love of her life Leo Dancy in a car accident? She is a dancer with so much promise but when this happens she is left to pick up the pieces of her life. Mia is a mess and does not know what to do she begins to sink into a deep depression. Her parents are worried for her especially her overbearing mother Mary. Mia and her family live in Ann Arbor Michigan this is also where Leo lived with his family they grew up together and they had a love that was amazing. Mia decides to one day put one foot in front of the other and begins to try and mend her life by attending a support group for those that are grieving a loved one. She begins to see her friends and then gets a letter in the mail from New York Dance Academy of Performing Arts which changes everything. Mia has planned to attend but when Leo passed she deferred. This time she takes the chance and moves and begins her new life. Then meets Sandy who becomes a great friend. However, then she stumbles upon Henry Watson a painter from the UK who begins to stir feelings in Mia she never thought would happen again. Mia is confused and begins to push back when she feels Henry is coming between her love for Leo. Will Mia let her heart mend and allow Henry to love her and will she be able to Chase the Clarity to see it? This story is about loss and what one young woman decided to do to pick up the pieces.

Chasing Clarity 2015 Sylvia Stein. Thank you .x.

Thank you so much to Sylvia for taking the time to answer these questions you can find Sylvia on…

Twitter: @sylvia_stein07






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