Reviews…To trust or not to trust them, that is the question?

So after months of begging my friends, family, acquaintances, fans, strangers and haters to review my books for me I have come to the conclusion that maybe they just aren’t worth worrying over.

I chose a free book off amazon kindle a few weeks ago, the reviews were a mixed bunch some rating 4/5 stars others 1/2 stars. The lower ones really slammed the writer and the story as utter rubbish whereas the higher ones stated a rather good storyline. I was feeling mixed and decided just to go with it and I’m glad I did as it was great, I loved the story, yes some bits went on too long or too quick but overall I really liked and left a good review. Vice versa I also looked at one that had all raving reviews on how good it was and once I read it was really disappointed, it was drab, dull and was over in 100 pages and they wanted £2.99 for it when not on sale, was so not worth the 99p I paid let alone £2.99. So I became the first one to leave not a bad review but a disappointed one as I had expected so much more. I used to be the type of person that would go by the reviews and now I’m feeling rather irritated that I might have missed out on a good read just by the reviews people had left that I had trusted in. You should never trust a book by its cover and I’m guessing maybe the same goes for reviews, you shouldn’t always trust a review by its reviewer.

So low and behold I check out the reviews on my books and I have been given my first ever bad review…So what did I do? Did I care? Of course I cared I hated it and felt so bad that someone thought that of my story, of the thing I had nurtured and cherished for months and well years for when the idea first came to me. For weeks my writing was off I couldn’t concentrate on my work, I felt useless like I shouldn’t write anymore if someone found it that bad. Then after reading it over and over until I had to slam the laptop closed or I would have jumped right into amazon and tried to tear it from the site itself I realised then that it didn’t matter if that one person doesn’t like it. You can’t please everyone not everyone will like your work. I might get one bad review or I might get ten I can’t help that but if I still get those good ones coming in its good to know people do like it. Yes I take all things into consideration and if they say I have spelling mistakes then I will try my hardest in the edits of my next one to make sure there are none or at least not as many. I am only human and I will make typo’s or use the wrong word or spelling, or as I’m English I will use a British term not an American one or because I am younger I might use an American term that I have grown up with that prim and proper British people don’t like or understand but it is my work and will write it how it comes out. I know people say you need an editor, you need this and that but at the end of the day I am not a never ending money pit, I do all my own work, I do all the edits myself and the covers are my design, I don’t have that spare penny for an editor to say chop this and that, change this and that. My money goes on my bills, my children, my husband and occasionally if I can buy a few copies of my own book to pass on I will but other than that that is all I can spare.

I guess what I’m trying to say is yes if you like a book review it, if you don’t like a book review it but don’t always take them into consideration as a reader, if you like the sound of a book buy it as you might enjoy the world it takes you into. Just because Mr and Mrs Smith don’t like it doesn’t mean you won’t. Yes because of the way Amazon is there is some complete rubbish on the market but there are also Trolls on the internet who like to dampen the spirits of Indie and self published authors even when they haven’t read the book. You can usually tell by the review whether they have read it or not but advice to writers, keep writing against all the good and bad ones if you love to write keep at it as there will be so many people out there who will love the world you make.

So to trust or not to trust maybe…maybe not…Up to you…


I, MYSELF AND ME… By Mercedes Prunty 7th Feb 2016.

I write to love and I love to read, I write the pages as my soul bleeds,

The story comes so naturally, in my mind it likes to fly with me,

People dis and people moan, people hate and people groan,

But I write for I, myself and me…

I have my voice that flows in the ink, I have to write to help me think,

The story is alive in me, the worlds I create are made out of fantasy,

People bitch and people slam, people lie and people scam,

But I write for I, myself and me…

I struggle on to keep pen to paper, can’t say I’ll do it later,

The laptop clicks but no words appear, I’m loosing faith in my work I fear,

People like and people love, people sing with words of destiny,

Just make sure you keep writing for I, myself and me…

(c) All work is copyrighted to Mercedes Prunty…





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