Writing…What’s that???

So lately I have found myself really struggling to write and I couldn’t fathom out why, I would stare at the laptop and feel unmotivated, I had the idea’s, the scenes, the characters and the music along with the red wine 😉 but I just couldn’t write, it didn’t flow or make sense like how I expected, like it usually should. So I took a sort of writing break, I spent time doing other things like playing the PlayStation, reading, going for days out with the sprogs but still I felt no desire to write which got me down…I didn’t want to lose my writing mojo forever.

Then I read post on a writers group where someone had commented on why so many people had asked a certain writer why they were having bad writers block and he said ‘Maybe its the destination your writing in, your home or writing zone, maybe you need a change’. Don’t quote the words but that’s the gist of it! But he was right!

I sat there as I read it and looked around my home, it was heavily cluttered with things, toys, furniture and other bits and bobs. My home has been referred to as the rabbit hutch by many which it is, the living room is small with the kitchen in it, there is just enough room for the sofa and dining table as we don’t have a dining room. The bedrooms are small just enough for beds and toys for the kids. And with kids the mess soon accumulates very quickly. So me and the hubby took it upon ourselves to de clutter the house, all the toys got moved upstairs after we took apart youngest Prunty’s wardrobe and hubby turned the built in airing cupboard into a small wardrobe for me. We went and brought a new book shelf so we could put the ever mounding pile of books away so they weren’t littering window sills anymore. The list goes on for what we done and I have to say the new more ‘spacious’ house if you can call it that feels better and like magic the writing flow is coming back, the dusty laptop has been cleaned and the keys tapping away feels good. So I think his advice was sound writers block has something to do with the atmosphere and zone you are in and maybe a little change about is needed to help.

So if your experiencing writers block, give it thought and a de clutter if you have to! xxxx

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