Martin Link author interview…

So here is my author interview with the brilliant and lovely author of ‘MISDIRECTION’… Martin Link.
Question one…
So Martin thanks for agreeing to an author interview with me, now lets start by telling everyone a little about yourself?
I’m the father to three wonderful sons, 35, 33, and 30, who reside in London, Brighton and Auckland respectively.
I also have a two year old grandson – Lucas
I’ve married to my second wife Ann and this year is our tenth wedding anniversary!
Mainly I’ve worked in the electrical, electronics, and technology areas, and was employed by the Post Office for the first 19 years, from Apprentice Electrician to Head Of Engineering Policy & Standards.
Also, I’ve had my own specialist software company providing live transactional solutions both here and in Australia.
I’ve lived in several counties including Gloucestershire, Kent, and now settled in East Sussex since 1991.
Question two…
What inspired you to become an author and write? Did you always want to become a writer or did you have other ideas on what you wanted to do?
I’ve always aspired to being an author, and remember loving stories as a young boy. First were the Western movies, particularly John Wayne, and then later James Bond.
But whilst I loved stories I had no writing skills, and zero confidence in that area. 
I was however, good at maths and sciences and so thats the academic and career route I took through life, though I hankered to write!
It was only some forty years later that I was given the confidence to put pen to paper.
Question three…
So MISDIRECTION is your James-Bond type story about Lucas Norton who after reading your book I know to be a coffee loving MI5 agent who is sent to try and stop a heist of $48 million. I loved the book, amazing, so is there many more spy stories for Mr Lucas Norton on the horizon and how many in his series?
I have written the sequel, which is a continuation of the timeline, and the third book will be the continuation of the first story.
There are a few other stories in the pipeline, but at the moment it’s just finding the time to finish the redrafts of the sequel.
Question four…
What was the inspiration for MISDIRECTION? How did the story of Lucas Norton come to life and land on paper?
The crux of the story was the empty Cash carrying truck.
Everything else are things I’ve always found interesting eg the technology, GCHQ, and it all seemed to come together from there.
The forthcoming stories have the same central theme, and I hope readers find the characters, and then the technology interesting.
But it can all be googled – I want it to be as realistic as possible, and also show the domestic strain these guys get through.
Question five…
Due to your background are there certain rules you must abide by, are there certain things you cannot put into your spy novels? And what’s it like to be in the mind of a spy?
Everything in the book is public domain, because as I say, I like the idea of things being realistic.
I try to show that it always starts with snippets of information, a high tech jigsaw, and generally a load of misdirection. The main battle is to get one step ahead – and thats not easy in the ever-changing world of technology.
As you’ll see with the second book that information needs to have credence, credibility and relevance, and thats often difficult to establish.
Question Six…
How long does it normally take for you to write a book from start to finish including editing?
The end to end story ie the first draft about six months, and then the process of redrafting another six months, and then the editors redrafting.
But thats in a perfect world, and at the moment the redrafting of the sequel is taking me ages.
Question seven…
Where do you like to write? Are you a home bird or are you like Lucas and crave to write where there is coffee?
Yes, the coffee. I am lucky that I have a writing shed at the top of the garden, and so I can hide myself away there. And yes, there is coffee, and wifi, and many gadgets.
Question eight…
Do you have any writing rituals like listening to certain music, or tapping your pen 20 times before you can start to write?
Interesting one. This made me think, and yes I do have ritual, I always make a strong coffee which I drink whilst looking through notes, timelines etc, and then make another, which I let go cold because I’m busy writing. If i end up with a stone cold coffee i know I’ve had a good hours wiring.
Question nine…
Do you have any advice for a new budding writer?
Just do it. If it’s a lack in confidence, as it was with me, then maybe a half-day course on creative writing – that’s what finally got me putting pen to paper. And that was all about my self-confidence.
Question ten…
I see your book has the ‘Earphones Award’ How does it feel for you book to be awarded something and for your hard work to be recognised?
That was truly amazing and mainly down to the exceptional narrating skills of Chris McDonnell. He was likewise chuffed with receiving the award, and has very kindly offered to narrate the sequel – just hope my writings good enough second time around.
You might find these links useful:   @linkbooks    FB martinlinkbooks     and BBC interview
Thank you Martin for taking part and wishing you all the best with your books .x.x.x.x.

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