Author Night …

I have to admit I’ve been a bit lax with my blog as of late, with family life and other events taking over but I now am going to try a little more to write, write, write…

So last Friday night the 22nd April I was invited along by my local ‘Underground Theatre’ along with two other authors to sit on a panel and be interviewed and then to read a page or two from one of our books. This was one of the most nerve wracking days of my life, other than giving birth or getting married but this was different, my nerves were all over the place, I normally dislike reading out loud and the last time I done so was about ten years ago at school in English Class when the teacher liked to make you read out work or a book we were studying for GCSE’s… I was to say a little out of practice.

So the preparations were to order lots of books, read aloud to the husband and then panic like mad on the day. Once there I was made to feel relatively relaxed due to the kindness of the people there and what was great was how many people turned up, not just to see me but the other author’s too, I had had nightmares about going and no one being there but I guess nightmares are just that, silly dreams.

The first author up was Alex Willis and he spoke about his crime novel that had been set in the marina in Eastbourne and then he read from this one. He sounded so sure and so confident, I just hoped that I could be as calm as him. Then it was my turn, my tummy was doing back flips and my mouth ran dry looking at all the eyes staring in my direction from the audience but Lou the lovely interviewer soon had me answering questions and the way she spoke was like we were old friends (Which we are friends which made it a hell of a lot easier as she is the Chairman for the writers group I attend), she was relaxed and made us all calm.

She asked me questions like how did I get started in writing? Why I chose my genre’s of writing? Where do my idea’s come from? Do I listen to music to focus on my writing? Where did my idea come from for my ALONE book and my THE KEEPER OF THE KEY book? What was I currently working on? Why I chose to self publish over traditional? How do I find the time to write? I strangely enough managed to answer all of these maybe not with the ease and flow of the first author but in my own way and I was super happy to have my husband in the audience so I could fling a few funny small stories his way, mainly about breaking his laptop with apple juice when I first began to write. Then I had to read my first page out from my ALONE book, I chose this one because I based it in Eastbourne, Brighton, Bognor Regis and a lot of the South Coast and I thought this might appeal to the audience being local an all. My feedback was great, I read well maybe a little fast but I could be heard and that was the main thing plus I didn’t pass out which was a bonus.

Next up was the last author Martin Link whose work I have read and loved and reviewed. He too was just as nervous as me but he too done great, which made it a fantastic night. We then left the main stage area to sit at our designated tables and sell and sign our books, I was so elated as I managed to sell six which for me is a superb feeling and I hope the others done well too.

The staff at the underground theatre were so lovely and welcoming and even gave us all a bottle of wine each to say thanks but I hope they know how thankful I was for the opportunity and I have gained a few more followers and readers which is the best feeling in the world when people read and hopefully like your work.

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