Friday the 13th …

A chill in the air,

a blood curdling scream,

it’s Friday morning and it’s number 13,

unlucky for some but lucky for a few,

I see that spider crawling and coming for you.

Well that’s how my Friday the 13th has started out anyway, I awoke to find the biggest house spider EVER!!!!! Sitting at the top of my stairs, now what did I do, did I run? Did I cry? Did I try to fight the huge beast? No…I text my husband who was still in bed from downstairs because I was too afraid to climb back up the stairs to tell him. Bearing in mind he still has a very poorly leg after it was broken in a hit and run when a lorry hit him at Xmas, I still made him get out of his pit and try and reach up to get this…8 legged thing. And like the superhero he is he got the spider and made it vanish from the house in an instant with his super laser vision, I’m not joking he really did!

Now fear is something I can usually cope with, I love reading horror stories, I like writing horror stories but when it come to spiders I am literally a blubbering mess of a woman. I read somewhere that phobia’s could have come about because of the way you died in a past life, well I have to say that if in my past life I died from falling into a pit of spiders then I would very much never ever like to not know about that. I know some people like to have mediums and other spiritual people show them their past lives and I’m now thinking, nope, no thanks, uh huh.

Now I hope that is all Friday the 13th wishes to give me, why not tell me what Friday the 13th means to you, I’d love some funny or horror stories, might give me a few idea’s for my books haha. Now I’m just going to run away from the black cat outside and dodge the ladder that’s down the end of the street. Have Fun xxxx


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