Stephen King …

So for those of you who know me, will know that I have only recently found Stephen King…Yes I know great famous author and in all my 26 years of life I have only started reading his books now…How? I dunno but I’ve got there and that’s all that matters.

First off I started with ‘Carrie’ this came about because I watched the film, not the original but the remake but I loved it, I know I need to see the old one as I have been told its much more gory but I saw this one. So I ordered the book off ebay, it came two days later and six hours after receiving it I had read it from cover to cover…Yes I do read quick when I like a book but what I liked about it was the POWER!!! I have always been fascinated by powers and Telekinesis partly due to my love of ‘Charmed’ as a teenager and ‘Matilda’ when I was much younger…cough, cough (Still a teenager). But it appealed to me as you could connect with the poor girl who was picked on, went through womanly things as the class found out and shouted abuse, luckily I never went through that, if I had I’m sure I would have gone crazy too but I could connect as I am a girl and went through the teenage thing.

The next Stephen King book I went to was ‘Misery’, now I met a lovely mummy from my youngest daughters nursery and she asked if I had read it and if I wanted to borrow it. so I did, it didn’t take me long as I was hooked, the whole author being kidnapped and legs chopped off was a little…scary and I hope to god I never get a fan that is that crazed. I think I might just stay at home forever but I guess the moral of the story is ‘Don’t drink and drive’ and crazy Annie won’t find you!!! The actual book itself was beautiful too, really old, very read but it showed it had been loved.

But I have to admit Stephen King is a great writer, author and scary guy with an imagination like that and the power to pull you in and keep you there wanting to read just one more chapter is amazing, if my work could ever get half way to his grade I would be happy. Keep on with the King books, I think another book shop trip is in order, wish my purse luck xxxx

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