Alone is my horror book that I have based in Eastbourne, Brighton and surrounding area’s even stretching to Bognor Regis, just because characters in a horror should visit Butlins as a holiday resort. The story starts off with Stacie who has been left utterly alone in a world full of monsters and creatures that used to be human and want to devour every last shred of human flesh left in the world. She is on a mission which is the only thing keeping her alive, she is trying to find the one ‘surviving’ family member who she believes is still alive but doesn’t know for sure. Her Journey has taken her already from her home in Kent to now the town of Eastbourne where she has been hiding out but is now on the run again as the creatures have found her.

She makes it through the countryside surviving on meat she hunts, going past Seaford, New Haven and finally onto Brighton where she meets a most gruesome creature which nearly kills her until two people and guy and a girl turn up just in time to save her but they cannot save her from the horrors that lie in wait, as there is a demented doctor who has his sights on her and wants to experiment on her to create more abominations. After finding herself in the deserted and broken hospital in Brighton she must fight for her life against this doctor and try and save some survivors she comes across hiding in the air vents. Can she do it and make it to Bognor Regis where she believes this person may still be alive?

I had so much fun writing ALONE due to my love of Zombie’s and horror I just knew I had to write one, how could I not. The character of Stacie strangely enough is now more like a friend to me, I can here her still telling me that her story isn’t finished that there is still more to tell. Which there is…I am currently writing the 3rd draft for Alone 2 which sees new faces but none the less a hard journey to get to the people she wishes to be with. And I am jotting down new idea’s for the 3rd and final book which I hope is going to be as fun to write as the 1st and 2nd. Many people don’t understand me and how my brain works, I have to write, these characters come to me and tell me what to right. I might sound like a mad woman which in a way I guess I am but I find if I don’t write these stories down I get caged in my own head and feel anxious and sometimes angry inside but I’m not the only nut job like that, most writers and authors feel like this and have to write. I hope if you ever read one of my books that you enjoy it and I hope to improve my writing with every new word I type down. And remember if you like a book why not leave a review, those are also authors best friends other than their characters.

Now I’m off to write some more .x.x.x.x

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