Japanese Manga and Anime…Sailor Moon!!!

Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, never running from a real fight, she is the one named Sailor Moon…. Those song lyric’s from the theme tune of the U.S version of Sailor Moon were all I sang in my childhood and I still remember all the words today as an adult.


For those of you who don’t know who Sailor Moon is, she is the best, cry baby, super heroine the world and outer planets have ever seen. She is a 14 year old girl called Usagi or Serena in American/ English who goes to school in Japan only to find a talking cat one day called Luna. Luna awakens a power inside Serena and she transforms into a mighty, fighting heroine called Sailor Moon, with the help of a magical locket. Alien forces from space come to earth in the search of energy from humans and eventually to find a beautiful and legendary silver crystal which is an almighty power source from the moon. BUT Sailor Moon does not fight alone, oh no she has the powerful Sailor Scouts or also known as Sailor Guardians, there is Ami the Sailor Scout of Mercury who can cast water attacks she is also the brains of the group, then there is Rei the Sailor Scout of Mars who can command fire, she also works at a temple and is quite spiritual and can sense things the others cannot. Then we have Lita the one who controls lightning and is the Sailor Scout of Jupiter, she is a talented cook and doesn’t mind getting into fights, we also have Mina who is pretty and is the commander of love, she is the Sailor Scout for Venus, she too has a talking cat called Artemis. These are all the inner scouts for the inner planets. As the story goes on you meet the other outer planet scouts for Pluto, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn. And there is also the cartoon boy heart throb called Tuxedo Mask who helps the girls in their times of need along with Tuxedo Mask and Sailor moons future daughter Renee/ Usagi/ Mini Moon, who is a bundle of mischief and pink hair.

The original idea and comic was by Naoko Takeuchi who was asked to make a story involving girls dressed in sailor uniforms. The comic’s were beautiful, the drawings are amazing and I love them, the story line too had a great feel to it, the Manga/Comic’s in my opinion were much better than the original Anime television show because of all the detail that went into the books, plus I’m a sucker for a pretty book. They have made a remake of the television series to celebrate the 20th anniversary but I have yet to see it due to it being online only and on special sites but one day I will.


I love Sailor Moon so much that I have now got my kids into it, both my girls have the dolls, they both watch the Dvd’s of the old series which I was lucky to find online so I could share with them the memories of my child hood, they draws pictures, play games and even have the old trading cards that I found on trusty old Ebay.

For anyone who hasn’t seen Sailor Moon but wants something with magical powers, fantasy, love, good vs evil, cheesy pun lines and girly giggles then this is so something you should see or read.x.x.x.x


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