Fathers Day…

What is it to be a dad, a father? How do you become one? Well most people know how you make one, you fall in love and have a baby 👶 simple right? Well no it takes more than being a sperm donor to be a dad, it takes time, patience, being able to listen…and yes some money as kids need clothes and toys and all the rest. To me a dad is a man who can love a child unconditionally. I have a dad but he is not my biological one he is a man who took me under his wing when I was only three, he listened to me when I needed to talk, he picked me up when I was down and he is always there. I might not see him all the time as our lives are busy and chaotic but he is my dad and he is there when I need him, he is my dad 😊.

I am also so lucky to have found a man, my husband that I love, adore and married and had children with, he is the best dad for them I could ever ask for and he takes after his dad, my girls grandad who is sadly no longer with us but he was a great man, a great dad and a brilliant grandad. So to all the dads out there today I wish you a happy fathers day and to all the step dads, adoptive dads, surrogate dads, foster dads, single dads, married dads, widowed dads and every man who supports and loves a child like his own HAPPY FATHERS DAY xxxx




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