Heir of Fire… Sarah J Mass…My Review…

(Beware…Some spoilers)

I have been hooked on this series since I first clapped eyes on the very first novel in the series, ‘Throne of Glass’, which I have to admit is another book I pinched from my sisters ever growing library collection, soon her room will be over flowing with books and she will be hidden by all the pages and the pretty and expensive volumes she likes to collect.

The first book ‘Throne of Glass’ introduces the main character Celaena, she is trapped and enslaved in a camp to mine for salt, for certain crimes that give her such a name back where she came from of, ‘Adarlan’s greatest Assassin’. She is freed from the camp but at cost as she has to face the one person who she hates, the King of Adarlan, he wants a Champion to do all his dirty work and take out his enemies and once the Champion has served him for some years they will gain their freedom. Celaena has to go up against other assassins, thieves and other monsters that the king has commanded fight to be his champion, of course Celaena wins and sets out to do his bidding. The second book ‘Crown of Midnight’ is just as spellbinding and even more so as it hints at magic, which had been wiped out from the kingdom. Celaena uses the help of a dear friend, the Prince and the Captain of the guard to hide the fact she isn’t doing what the king wishes but they also uncover a dark secret which could destroy the world and the people they love. The King has managed to tap into a dark and evil power and Celaena must find out how to stop him, at the end of book 2 you find out that Celaena is more special than just Adarlan’s assassin…She is the ancient lost Queen, the heir to a throne that was destroyed and for ten years had been believed to be dead.

Then we come to book 3, ‘Heir of Fire’, this one to me personally is one of the most interesting ones, it gives off more than just Celaena being an assassin you get to see what a powerful other worldly being she truly is, she is part Fae which gives her a gift, the gift of flame. But in her quest to want to stop the king she travels to another kingdom in the hope of finding answers in how to stop him, there she meets a warrior who dares to train her but dark forces are afoot and are smiling and sinking away in the shadows waiting to pounce. It also brings more of the witches, we met Baba Yellowlegs in ‘Crown of Midnight’ who Celaena disposes of when she is attacked, the witches want to find who killed their witch but also they are now working with the wicked King. The king has manifested some very dangerous creatures to help in his fight with claiming the whole of the kingdoms, he has found Wyverns which is something like a dragon and is training them to fly with the witches. He also has monsters hidden in parts of human flesh and the freaky and dark consuming Valg, who use peoples nightmares and past against them and pretty much feed from their fear.

Manon the witch to me is surely going to become a favourite character, she is pretty in some ways and deadly terrifying in others, her metal teeth that flick down at a moments notice, her iron claws and weird second eyes lids to help her fly her Wyvern are just a few of the characteristics that make her scarily cool. I have to admit that my favourite character of course is Celaena, she can be childish, stroppy and down right rude but it gives her a grace that you can come to love and adore, she is loyal, strong willed and most of all a fiery Queen and that just makes her so wickedly awesome. Manon of course is another one I like along with Rowan and Chaol. The other characters that were in the first two like the Prince Dorian and Chaol are very important still and although they feature in this one they have taken more of a back seat, I hope Celaena is reunited with them in the next one ‘Queen of Shadows’ which I now have waiting for me on my book shelf and I can’t wait to read and then later in the year what I believe to be the last in the series is ‘Empire of storms’ which I will be standing outside the bookshop waiting to get my paws on when possible. There is also another book ‘The Assassins Blade’ which is what happened to Celaena before the first book, ‘Throne of Glass’, where she in one of the stories is with pirates which at the moment for me is a theme I quite like…Ooo are!

What I also like about these books is the cover art, the beautiful illustrations of Celaena on the front being the assassin she is and then turn over to the back and she is a beautiful woman in pretty dresses. It gives the reader a way to see how Celaena is, how she can be deadly but also stunning, girly and in love with things that glitter and shine, along with her immense love of reading which for any of us readers we can fully connect with.

If you are a fan of ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Assassin’s Creed’, ‘The Anita Blake novels’ (Although there are no vampires in the Throne of glass novels like Anita Blake ones) and other things that go bump in the night then I think you will love these books as much as me.x.x.x.x. 😉



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