Growing up…

I look at myself in the mirror most days and think, wow how did I end up here?

This week is the last week of my eldest being in her reception class before she moves onto year one. How is it she has become so grown up? Not the little baby I held in my arms nearly 6years ago, not a toddler like her beautiful little sister is now but a little grown up girl. Who tells me what she wants to wear, why she won’t wear what mummy chooses because its not cool enough, who tells me what music to play in the car because she doesn’t like the music mummy plays. Who now goes to ballet and tap and wants to one day become a dance teacher because she loves it so much. How is it this has all happened so fast?

Her school is a lovely little school and the teachers are so lovely, I like to as I am a stay at home mum who has some free time which I now like to volunteer where I can. So once a week I go into my daughters classroom and help the children with their reading, its a wonderful feeling helping the children and feeling like I can help them. Teachers now a days are so busy with having to teach to a structure which is pretty much timed to the minute and to make sure they reach certain targets that they don’t always have the time to read more to the children who need it and I love doing it. Obviously I love reading so helping a child to accomplish something I love is a must. But another thing I love about helping out at the school is seeing my eldest in her school environment with her friends. At home she is lovely but a tad bossy, stroppy and doesn’t like to help mummy and daddy with much but at school she is brilliant, she helps out round the class, looks after her friends when they are sad, she is clever and bright and loves to learn. Seeing her here makes me realise that I have created such a lovely little person, that together me and my husband are raising two little princesses that mean the world to us. And that even if she acts like a stroppy teenage five year old that she is lovely on the inside and her heart is in the right place.

I am so proud to have my girls and so proud at how they are growing up. It’s amazing how time flies when your having fun and I have to remind myself to never take it for granted. I love my little family and one day I hope that my writing will make things good for them, that we might no longer struggle in the rat race that has become Britain, that I will be able to buy them what they want and go where we want but for now I take pleasure in seeing them grow up and by just being here with them and helping them learn and achieve all they can.

One rule I do live by which is something my Dad ‘Bear’ taught me was to never go to sleep or leave the house without telling those around you, you love them. When my children go to bed I tell them, when they wake up I tell them and even if I’m just nipping to the shops I will tell them I love them. And as I sit writing this and my eldest is lying next to me on the sofa snoozing, I still tell her I love her before sneaking upstairs to tell my sleeping toddler the same thing. Make sure your children know they are loved because they grow up all to quick and you will miss those times when you wished you could have said it more.

Love Mercedes xxxx


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