Between States by Sean Catt….

WP_20160723_006 [8031].jpgBetween States by Sean Catt…Well let’s just say Jake Palmer is a very fiery kitty…(Beware there may be some Spoilers)

I was lucky enough to meet the author of this book at my local writers group and I first saw his book at a book festival we as a group all attended. It was my mum who purchased the book and if anyone knows me, my mum and my little sister will know we are known for sharing the love for books, so I ‘Borrowed’ the book…yet to give back I might add!!! What first appealed to me was the cover, the cougar is so eye catching and colourful, what appealed to me next was the characters…they are shifters. I have a thing about paranormal books I was hooked when I was younger on a series by Laurel K Hamilton, the Anita Blake series and although those were not only full of shifters e.g werewolves, wererats, werecats and strangely wereswans they also included zombies, ghouls and vampires but Between States is a refreshing mix where there is not a Vampire in sight, it is just shifters.

I love the whole mysterious world the author has created because although the shifters live along side us humans they are not known to humans (unless they have told specific humans like husbands, wife and so on) like say Anita Blake or True Blood where they are known to the whole world. This gives me as a reader a slight sense of fear that they might get found out or accidently hurt a passing human whilst in the shift.

The story starts with Jake travelling in his truck and spots a hitchhiker, normally he would pass and not give the person a second thought but on this eventful day he stops and picks up Billy, also a shifter. Almost instantly the duo are thrown into trouble at a town they decide to stop in overnight where they meet a rather ruthless man of the law but Jake in himself has his own law, he is ruthless and a trained killer and it doesn’t take long for danger to erupt. After moving on to the next ‘State’ they also encounter trouble but of a different kind, a skinwalker which to me was an interesting plot as it gave it almost a ‘horror’ sense to that part of the book which as a lover of horror made me want to read on, even though by this time it was way past my bedtime. After dealing with that they move on yet again to another ‘State’. Here the two shifters want to settle down, they’ve had enough trouble but Billy has reasons why he was hitchhiking that day and touble just doesn’t seem to want to pass them by. Billy wanted to get away from his overbearing father and escaped from a ranch he, his dad and his pack of wolf shifters lived at. Trouble descends again in the form of Billy’s dad’s henchmen one of whom is a nasty piece of work and sets a trap for Jake and Billy with his own agenda.

The ending I wasn’t expecting at all, the whole good guy maybe being a bad guy who is maybe signalled at being of Jakes stature in the sense of the way Jakes job is a killer so could this guys be? A few hints maybe in the book itself? I can’t wait for the second instalment as I need to know what is going to happen to the lovable but fiery pair.

My favourite character has to be Billy, he is young, slightly naïve, wants to take control of his own life and experience freedom and meeting Jake when he did gives him that opportunity. What I would like to see in the next book or two is the relationship to grow between Jake and Billy. I would love to see Billy get his claws into Jake in every way, I think he will fall so far in love with Jake even if Jake never feels that way (Especially seen as Jake is a straight guy) but it would maybe be funny to see more of the jealous Billy, for example when they went for dinner and the waitress flirted with Jake almost flashing her assets and spraying tonnes of perfume, the whole Billy feeling jealous was funny to see and I would love to see him fight for Jake with a woman.

I like the title of Between States as literally throughout the book they are Between American States and between their animal and human states. What I would love to know is more about Jakes past, I would love to see snippets of past missions that Jake has done and how it shaped Jake to be the person he has become. You do get a glimpse but it leaves you wanting more…

I loved this book and if you like shifters, Wolves, Cougars and fighting trouble then this is the book for you. Highly recommended!!!!

😉 Mercedes .x.x.x.x.

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