30 days 30 tips …

1611000_1070489096317637_5986576032187081740_n (2)So as an Indie author I was pretty clueless when I started out and there were so many things that I wish that I had known back when I first starting writing and publishing. So for the past 30 days I have been posting tips on my Facebook author page to help budding Indie Authors like myself but also to anyone who wishes to write. I have now decided to post them all in one place so if myself or anyone else wishes to look back at them you can. I will be posting 15 this week and 15 next week.

Day 1 – Just start writing – A spark, an idea, anything that comes to your mind write it down. Whether it is meaningful, funny, happy, sad, a story, a poem or a lyric for a song just start and write it down. Once you get into the mind set and flow of writing it will just start to come to you naturally. Remember you are the pen, write on the paper and anything can happen.
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Day 2 – Find that certain something to keep you motivated. How do you write best? Alone, surrounded by others, at home, at a local coffee shop, with music, in silence, fully clothed or nude, whatever makes you feel comfortable and able to fall into the writing zone and keeps those creative juices flowing then keep doing it. We will master the art of pen to paper.
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Day 3 – Caffeine and Wine. As writers we need brain fuel, mine is a good cuppa tea with a biscuit or ten. It’s good to have something to keep your energy levels up so you don’t flag whilst writing, flagging for me means slowing down, the writing becoming monotonous and repetitive which is not a good thing, oh no. Another good fuel I like is wine, not the healthiest option I know but it gives me wicked dreams which I turn into ideas for my stories. In my ‘Alone’ book the ‘Crushers’ were actually from a white wine induced dream where I woke up at 3am and was too scared to go back to sleep until 4am when the true haunting hour is over. Oh yeah superstitious me, not. 😉
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Day 4 – Read – Simple enough.
Pick up a book, open the pages and read.
I believe you need to read to write and it really helps me especially if my writing is becoming ‘samie’ it’s because I need to expand my vocabulary and I need some writing influence. It also helps you to relax and you can fall into another world whilst at the same time trying to imagine and build up your own.
It also helps to read the genre’s you like to write in so you can check out the competition and see why readers like those particular books but its also an idea to read outside your comfort zone, it expands your reading knowledge plus you might find your next favourite author.
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Day 5 – People watch.
This has always been a favourite pastime of mine ever since working in a hair salon, me and the girls would sit at the desk when we had no clients and watch all the people go by. You can do it on the commute to work or when stuck in the traffic on the school run or even whilst shopping in your local supermarket. Imagine their stories as they pass you by, why are they there? What makes them tick? What are their hobbies? What are their friends and family like? What job would they have? Are they naughty or nice? All these ideas and imaginings can help with ideas for when you come up with characters.
Try it, even if you do look and feel a little crazy, maybe try and do it on the sly, a newspaper with eye holes cut out is a good one to do.
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Day 6 – Sleep.
Yes I know we all do it so why mention it? Well writers are known for staying up well past their bedtimes, I know some where sleep is something they used to do before they met COFFEE! But you need it, your brain needs time to rest, to shut down and be switched off to recover and accumulate new ideas.
So go on try it, have a sleep in when you next can, you deserve it.
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Day 7 – Get out of the house.
Writers are known to be hermits, the ‘stay in and leave me alone’ types but sometimes we need fresh air and to socialise. The all work and no play routine will make for a grumpy writer, so take that break, go and see friends and family. Then come back later and write, the laptop will always be there waiting for you but friends and family will not, things in life happen, make time for you too and not just the pen and paper.
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Day 8 – Join a writing group.
If you haven’t already joining a writers group is a great asset to any budding writer, author, poet and blogger. Most towns and cities have them and once there you can meet like minded people who won’t find your love of the written word strange or boring. Most groups have special meets for workshops, guest speakers, critiquing, days out, nights out and special book and reading focused events. They can also help to guide you, give you advice on your work if you want it, tell you how to fix and improve your writing and also give you confidence when needed.
So why not find your local writing group, what have you got to lose?
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Day 9 – Keep going.
Writing can be a hard process believe me I know. You get good days when your word count increases by thousands and bad days when your lucky to get 50 or so words on a blank page. But you don’t give up, keep going, keep writing as the good writing days are only just round the corner.
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Day 10 – Author Platform.
The thing about being a writer is things take time, the endless hours of typing, the endless hours of marketing and the endless hours of trying hard to get your work noticed even by just one person but you need to start by growing your ‘Author/ Business platform’ and one way is social media. Open up a twitter account and Facebook page so potential readers can find you. Tweet things about you and what you do, I have to admit I’m a slight Twitterphobe but I am slowly getting used to it and am now tweeting more but also post things on your Facebook page, pictures of where and what you are doing and writing, show research and progress or even just normal everyday life things so people know you are a real person and not a laptop with an invisible life force behind it typing away. Be a human being.
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Day 11 – Keep a diary.
This is just one way to help keeping you to write daily even if your write things you don’t want to publish. Write anything, for instance what you did that day, what feelings and emotions you have been feeling, what you want to do. Just write anything that comes to you and flows down the pen and through the ink.
‘Dear Diary,
Today I cleaned the house top to bottom but it still feels a mad house and a mess as the kids are now home. I felt happy at watching ‘This Morning’ and seeing Holly and Phillip and I am looking forward to my writing alone time later once the kids are in bed. Also I saw a rather strange person today, singing a song I don’t know but it is rather catchy whilst hopping on one leg and holding a carrot’.
Even random things can spur something later on that you might find useful to put into a story and at least you still have a reference of that finding.
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Day 12 – Create a blog.
A blog is a great way to try and expand your author platform. You can write pretty much anything on it, especially things you think you reader might be interested in such as book reviews for the books you read, research you might be doing for one of your own books, life events, the occasional plug for your own work but remember they don’t want to be bombarded with promo’s for your own books and other stuff you want to include. You can be as personal or as impersonal as you like but remember readers want to get to know you and not a robot. A great site to use is WordPress.com it is user friendly especially for us technophobic types. You can also make your blog post direct to your Facebook and Twitter pages so everyone can see what you have been blogging about. A good thing to remember is to keep it up to date, people will get bored if you don’t post often enough.
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Day 13 – Creative Arts.
Why not try other creative subjects, some writers can be ‘ambidextrous’ in the creative worlds, their creative flow isn’t just confined to one creative subject.
Try your hand at something new maybe drawing, painting, sewing, knitting, photography or anything else that’s crafty. For instance I like taking photo’s and editing them on my phone or computer and most of the time I end up using them for my own front covers. I also like to draw but I have to admit I am not the best artist 😉
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Day 14 – Go to the cinema or buy a new film.
Of course watching films is a good way to get your creative juices flowing and making it an exciting trip out or a relaxing night in can make it stick in your mind more. Plus a lot of films are based on good books so you could in fact find your next new book love by watching the film first, that was how I read Twilight because I saw the film first. I know a lot of writers slate Twilight but I loved it and still have my copies, I also did this with The Hunger Games and The Martian.
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Day 15 – Writers block!!!
The dreaded writers block, the wall you hit when you feel you can’t write anymore. Why not try going for a walk to clear your head, seeing the outside world and visualising things might help to boost your imagination back into working again. One thing I find hinders my writing flow and makes me feel depressed is my work space, if it is too cluttered my mind feels cluttered and I cannot concentrate, if I declutter, move furniture around, make more space and room, clear away those cobwebs then I feel better and I can write again. So next time your feeling all written out and with no enthusiasm to write then try to declutter, you’d be surprised what you might find hidden under all that paperwork too.
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Thanks for reading I will post the rest next week.x.


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