Meet Stacie and the other characters from Alone ….

My main character in the ‘Alone’ series is Stacie. Before the war and the whole world turning into ravage blood thirsty monsters she lived happily with her mum, dad and older sister Tanya. She has always been fairly independent but thrived with family life, family meant everything to her, even when the world went to the creatures she fought to keep her dad alive, looked after her sister when she sunk into a depression over their mother being killed and even when the ‘Big Guns’ killed their friends and their dad and kidnapped Tanya she still went looking for her sister when everyone else would have given up.

Stacie of course like many book characters is fairly unlucky, everyone she cares about she loses but it is also part of the post apocalyptic world she lives in now, everyone looses someone they care about. She has also been infected but instead of fully turning with the help of the crazy doctors so called cure she has instead bonded with it causing her to have creature like abilities but as time goes on the symptoms worsen again, the creature wishes to be set free and not caged behind her mental walls that she keeps up to keep it in.

I will soon be writing the third instalment in the series and in my mind at the moment I am exploring different routes as to where to take her infection and how her and Kaley’s journey will pan out. I already have the ending sorted but its getting there, but day by day the ideas come to me and I am seeing the road they have to take. It will be a difficult one and the creatures will get much more of an appearance, in England the creatures have hidden and started to die back but in other countries the cold snap hasn’t hit as badly and there are still many a monster roaming around and maybe a few new varieties.

Stacie is becoming unstable in her mind and the big question is whether she will make it to the end with Kaley before she snaps.

The creatures I have tried to make slightly different to the Zombies that come in with ‘The Walking Dead’ and typical zombie books or films, the creatures in ‘Alone’ are still ‘ALIVE’ they are not the dead resurrected. The creatures may be rotting away due to other infections that are settling into their skin, flesh and bloodstreams, their hearts still beat and their brains still work. Some of the creatures Stacie encounters are mutated experiments from deranged doctors that roams the broken hospitals.

There are other character in the Alone series which play a major and minor role but they breathe life into it or take it away.

*Monique ~ She becomes Stacie’s almost best friend but things become strained in ‘Lone’ when Stacie has been absent for a long time.

*Callum ~ Became Stacie’s sort of first love, they had a thing together when trapped in a car surrounded by creatures. He can be dangerous but has a heart. Things happen between him and Stacie that make their relationship volatile, they tend to add more fuel to the fire and clash.

*Ollie ~ Stacie meets little Ollie in the hospital in Brighton with his sister Sian. He saves her life from the deranged Dr Demetri when the hospital blows. He grows up to become a major part of the group and has a very grown up head on his shoulders.

*Sian ~ Ollie’s older sister, dies in a lift when Dr Demetri blows up the hospital.

*Amanda ~ Callum’s sister, she has a defined evil streak which is actually brought on through the terrors she has witnessed and been through. Dislikes Stacie for a reason that only she knows until Callum uncovers it before she is killed by Stacie.

*Cain ~ Tanya’s child, she had him while being held captive in the ‘Big Guns’ camp. Stacie feels a great need to keep him safe and alive.

*Tanya ~ Stacie’s older sister who Stacie spends a lifetime looking for. Die’s at the hand of Callum, Danny from the Big Guns and a creature.

*Kaley ~ Stacie meets her in ‘Lone’ she is destined to play a big part in maybe helping to save the world but neither of them know how yet. She is also infected and has a gift, the power of Telekinesis.

*Christian ~ The evil leader of the half breed camp.

*Lucas ~ A Cult leader who kidnaps Kaley for her power, he believes she is a gift from the devil for him to defeat opposing camps.

*Dr Toni ~ She starts out as meaning well to save the people who live within her camp but when her boyfriend is infected goes mad with grief and destroys all what she wanted to save.

*The Prime minister ~ An evil woman who tried to make a dictatorship in the broken world. Stacie kills her when she injects Stacie’s blood into herself so she can become an unstoppable force.

*Dr Demetri ~ The doctor who resided in Brighton hospital and planned on making an evil army of half creature breeds from pregnant women. Created the Screecher’s and Hercule’s but was eventually killed by Ollie.

*Darren ~ Monique’s friend who was killed by Dr Demetri, Stacie has to fight him once he had been turned by the Dr into a creature.

*Albi ~ Only has a small part, promises a new life to Kaley and Stacie before being killed by Christian. Also infected.

*Chantelle ~ Cain’s surrogate mother.

*Lara ~ A human survivor of the half breed camp.

I love all my characters and although many die because of the world they live in I miss and grieve for them in a way. They all meet and become friends or foe to Stacie but they all help move the story along and help Stacie become the person she must be at the end.



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