A watercolour image, a fading light,

A noise in the silence, in the dead of night,

A shadowed silhouette,  in the coming dark,

A house so empty, dilapidated and stark,

A candle light flickers, Orbs swirl and dance,

A paranormal being waiting to prance,

A wicked laugh, a voice so cold,

A sense of a presence existing and old,

A chime of a clock, at the midnight hour,

A strange being full of fear and power,

A ghost of sorts, who wants to move on,

A lullaby sung, with the rising sun…

M.N.Prunty 28th August 2016


Ghosts…Are they real???

Whether or not you are a believer in god or afterlife, a heaven or a hell there has always been a question on people’s lips, are ghosts real? Do they really exist?

I’m not a scientist and I have no evidence as proof but I guess in a way I believe they do. I believe they can be nasty or nice, good or bad but I believe they are here for a reason whether to look over the people they have left behind or because they have unfinished business.

I believe that some presences get stuck in a building or a significant place. As a child I remember living with my mum in a fairly new build house but it had been built right next to a railway track which was old ground. Strangely the house used to freak me out, I was only around four or five years old but the house used to terrify me, I would wake up in the morning and run from my bedroom down the stairs and into the kitchen to grab my breakfast and rush into the living room slam the door shut and close the weird shutters between the kitchen and the living room. I used to feel like someone was watching me. I never actually saw anything but it was a feeling I had of being watched all the time but it was only on the middle level of the house, never the top floor where the bedrooms where. It wasn’t until I was older that my mum told me that she actually had someone round to clear the house as she felt something there too but didn’t realise I felt it aswell.

There was also a place in Pevensey Bay where me, my mum and sister used to live, it was an old fisherman’s house right near the seafront. That house too was an odd one, the dreams I used to have there were spooky, I remember one night we had a babysitter round as my mum was out, I just went to bed and I was having the strangest dreams, in my dream a monster smashed through a window and was trying to get at me. I woke up to shouts as the window in the front room had actually blown in where the babysitter had been sitting just 20 minutes before, apparently the wind was so strong and it had blown in. Then there was the cellar where a cold draft always drifted up from, along with strange noises, I had come down one night for a glass of water and found my mum had left a candle on, there was no more wax left on the candle it was just the string bit left and the flame was going crazy, I blew it out and the cellar door rattled. That was it the glass of water was off and I stayed in my room all night. Then my mum and some of her friends decided to check the cellar out, I don’t remember too much about it other than a lone light bulb was on and when my mum asked if anyone was down there it blew. That house was super spooky.

Another place was when I was 19 and I had just started dating my husband, he lived in a studio flat in a small road in Hastings, the road had been known for murders, one happened in the small garage the flat was situated next to. One night my husband was working away and I was in the flat alone, I had gone to bed and dreamed…The dream was strange the front door had moved, the windows had moved and on the wall above the toilet door opposite from the bed was a large antique mirror (Which in reality wasn’t there), I was looking in the mirror and noticed a strange man looking in and he was trying to find a way into the flat. Panicking I ran to the door to double lock it but it was opening in, he was trying to get in!! I managed to shut the door and I woke up. But after that I always felt like I was being watched in that flat. Another dream I had was when my husband was there, I to this day believe I woke up during my dream but I was paralyzed in the bed, I couldn’t move, then a wolf came in from the lounge to the bedroom, it was sniffing around and growling but not angrily. I remember feeling petrified but I couldn’t move or call to my husband but the wolf didn’t threaten me, was just prowling around. Years later I spoke to my mum about it who said that I was visited by my ‘Animal spirit guide’ and that I was very privileged to have a wolf. I haven’t seen it since but we did move soon after to another flat. I believe that maybe the wolf was protecting me from other things I couldn’t see.

I have had things recently too which I believe was my husbands dad, he passed away three years ago. The christmas just gone my husband had a bad accident, I had a phone call from the police telling me to get to the hospital which was 20 or so miles away. I always listen to CD’s in my car, I never listen to the radio but I was listening to one CD which was making me cry and I thought ‘no I have to calm down to get there safely’ so I turned the radio on and on came my father in laws funeral song…I instantly knew he was telling me to calm down that my husband was ok. I later found out that my husband too had heard that same song half an hour or so before his accident, it was like his dad was warning him not to walk home that night.

I do believe ghosts or people’s presences exist and that some are bad or are mischievous and that some are good and only want to look out for those around them that have been left behind.

What do you believe??? I’m thinking some o this would make for a good ghostly book!!!!

.x. Mercedes .x.

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