The silver linings playbook…by Matthew Quick…review!!!!

cofSo I bit the bullet and read something out of my comfort zone… I picked up the book only because it had Jennifer Lawrence on the cover and I loved her from the hunger games but this was not anything like the hunger games.

It follows a man called Pat Peoples on his road to recovery from mental illness. You first meet him when he is in the bad place, the mental hospital but his heroine of a mother has come to rescue him and take him home. Once there it is pretty obvious that something bad happened between him and his wife Nikki but he cannot remember what it was and the author very (un)kindly leaves it until near the end for us to find out what it was.

Along his recovery journey he meets Tiffany a foul mouthed girl who has her own issues but as the book goes on your realise the things she does are done with the best intentions but don’t work out how she planned. She wishes to help Pat although she too has her own mental struggles to deal with. He also meets his new therapist Cliff who turns out to be a friend, fellow lover of American sports and the best therapist in the world according to Pat.

The book shows struggles that mental illness not only has on the people suffering but also the people around them, the mum, the dad, the brother, the friends. When the book reaches its climax it will leave you feeling sorry for Pat on how he was treated and how he punished himself. I liked the ending as it wasnt a fully on happy ending like people love but it was a happy ish ending with two friends realising how much they need each other.

The book for me was a great read and I read it in two days while balancing kids, school runs, housework and writing but I couldn’t put it down. It gives you great insight into how things effect people in certain circumstances and it makes you feel more sympathetic to people who suffer from depression and axiety and other mental illnesses. I have family and friends who struggle with such things and it makes me look at their behaviour a little different now. A great read if you want to learn something and also learn that the moral is ‘There is always a silver lining’ 🙂


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