Author Interview with Kari Holloway…

Here is my interview with author Kari Holloway, hope you enjoy.x.

Question 1: Thanks for taking part in my author interview and for pausing your precious writing time. First of all why not introduce yourself a little, where are you from?


I am Kari Holloway. A native to Leesburg, Georgia and graduate of Lee County High School. I attended Georgia Southwestern State University and completed my course of study in Psychology.

I grew up on my family’s farm, a fourth-generation operation that plays some hand in my Laughing P series. My mom was a collector of animals from simple cats and dogs to iguanas as long as a man is tall, emus who ran and danced through the yard, to a wild turkey that decided our home was his, and so many others.

My days are filled with two kids and baking, but my hobbies include aquariums, theme parks, museums, and zoos with my camera in hand.



Some of my adventures are transcribed on my social sites. Social media:

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Question 2: Have you always been a keen writer? Why do you write? Has writing been something you always wanted to do or when you were younger did you imagine you would end up doing something else?

I was the bookworm in school. If I didn’t have a book in hand I wrote. I didn’t imagine that after going to college, changing from a pre-veterinarian track to psychology that I would circle back to what I loved doing as a child.

Writing is a calling. The stories play out in my mind, the characters’ voices talking in a room that only exist in my world, and it compels me to do something.

Question 3: I see you have a book out called ‘Cracked but never broken’, can you tell us a little bit about it? Is it a stand-alone book or will it be part of a series?


Cracked But Never Broken was originally released in 2015, but after discovering new editors and learning more, I pulled it within a month of its original launch, added a new scene, and had a wonderful editor Brian Paone (author, musician, and so much more) work his magic, and change the cover to reflect not only the story, but how much I’ve learned since I started this adventure. The relaunch is scheduled for December 10th, almost a year to the day of its original launch, but in all likelihood will be released between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Pre-order link to Amazon

Cracked But Never Broken is the first novel in the Laughing P family. I use the word family because it isn’t the same character in each incarnation of the story. There are short stories to novellas. While each piece can be a stand-alone, I like giving my secondary characters the floor. In Pound of Flesh, we watch Ralph’s obsession become the breaking point. White Moth and Clock Chimes, Maw-Payne watches her grandson get married. Rowboat for Two is a tale of young love that succumbs to a first kiss under a willow tree.

But, the true secret of the Laughing P is every story is perception based. What one character thinks might not be the truth, and seeing the bits that weave the small town together unfold from multiple people across the entire collection will be a treat.

Cracked But Never Broken is Damien Payne’s story. He’s a former marine who finished serving his six years. While we don’t know his past aside from what we glimpse, we discover he doesn’t like to come home. He struggles fitting in with a home that continued on without him. With Granddaddy gone, he thought he’d be needed, but what happens when things he wanted to stay quiet can’t stay hidden. He’s a real man, with real problems, with true out comes.

Question 4: Have you written any other stories? Are they published?


From July 2015 until July 2016, I wrote many things. Most are in slush piles waiting for an editor to weight their merit.
Pound of Flesh will be in the Black Candy anthology by Jaded Publishing for Halloween Horror.
Rowboat for Two will be published December or January for a benefit anthology where all the proceeds go to the charity.
Behind the Lens is the next novel in the Laughing P, and if all goes well, it will launch Valentine’s Day in 2017.
I also have five or six untitled short stories in some level of completion.


Question 5: What genre do you prefer to write in and why? And do you prefer to write in first or third person?
My novels and novellas tend to be first person while my short stories are mainly third. Pound of Flesh is the exception to that rule.
As far as genre, I have written in almost every genre at one point or another. Some days I awake with a kitsune dancing through the shadows, and the next, a little old lady walking into a bakery.

Question 6: What is your favourite book that you have ever read? Or that has made a big impact on how you write?
I remember reading Silver Canyon by L’amour in elementary school. He had me captivated through every book he has written. He wrote simple, direct, and never seemed in a rush to get anywhere. Mercedes Lackey introduced me to modern fantasy while the classic of Lord of the Rings showed the beauty in not being so upfront like modern works tend to be. I think every book, good and bad, I’ve read has had some impact, just some are more noticeable.

Question 7: What advice would you give to any budding authors out there?

My motto is “If I can’t believe in myself, who is?”

Question 8: Do you stick to a strict writing schedule or do you just write if and when possible? Do you have a designated writing place? Do you have any weird or wonderful writing rituals that you have to do?

With two toddlers, I write when I get a chance; most of the time, that is after nine pm. I love to write on the back porch when the weather allows.

Question 9:  How long does it normally take for you to write a book from start to finish including editing?
Cracked But Never Broken was originally wrote in three months, and with the first editor I had it all done within five months.

Question 10: Do you listen to music whilst you write?
I rarely listen to music outside the car, and it is almost always country.

Question 11: And Finally is there anything you would like to add?
I owned emus when I was younger. We had three: Pearl (boy), Earl the girl, and Doc. We didn’t name them, the previous owners had. Emus were the coolest things I have ever had a pet, and I’ve had some interesting critters on the family farm.

If I’m not writing, and I have free time, I’m playing games like Hearthstone or Pokemon TCGonline.

Thank you to Kari for taking part, wish you all the best with your books and for the future. If you enjoyed why not check out Kari on her social media links and websites. 😉

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