Black, Blue and Purple Pain domestic Violence awareness anthology…

I have been lucky enough to read the new Anthology ‘Black, Blue and Purple pain domestic violence awareness’ by many authors including Angel L Woodz and Sylvia Stein. It is brutal and gets to the point and all proceeds for the book are going to a charity to help those in need. So why not welcome Angel and her team as I interview her to find out about the Anthology and why it needed to be written.


Question one… Hi Angel and thanks for agreeing to join in with my blog release for your new anthology Black, Blue and Purple Pain, why not introduce yourself and what works you have been currently doing alongside the anthology.

ALW: I’m an eclectic writer of multiple genres. Currently I’m working on the books for my debut releases under my alter pen name L.A. WOOD, they’re darker reads compared to my Romance side.

Question two…The title of the anthology is fairly self-explanatory but why not tell us a little bit about the book itself and the story you wrote to go into the anthology and the reason behind wanting to add to such a book for a sad but great cause?

ALW: I felt the need to bring awareness to a matter that’s all too real and happening daily but is often ignored. When I initially had the idea to coordinate this project, I just wanted to help those in need. Since, it’s created waves that I didn’t expect and I only hope it continues to do so as this subject needs to be heard. My short story that’s included in the book shines the light on abuse in a different approach. I hope it makes the impact I’ve set out for when I created it.

Question three…I see sixteen authors added to the book, how has this impacted on how you envisioned the book? Do you feel it has made the message more powerful? Who are the other authors?

ALW: These authors came together in a very strong way and their stories are all powerful. We formed a movement to be heard and hope that it reaches those who need it most.

Angel L. Woodz, J.N. Sheats, Akil Victor, Silver Rain, Casey Hagen, Breigh Forstner, Lauretta L. Kehoe,V.E. Avance, D.L. Blantz, Sylvia Stein, Elle Henry, Marla-Marie Dean, Ellie Masters, Elizabeth Blade, Christine Monroe, Luna Saint Claire

Question four… Where do the proceeds go? Is it to a local charity for domestic abuse victims or to a wider known charity? Will you do another one to continue the great support for the charity and all those it helps?

ALW: The profitable proceeds from the eBook and Paperback sales will be donated to a rotating list of charities that help victims become survivors. Each time royalties accrue $100 or more after payout from the sales channels, the next on the list will be directly donated to. To name a few of these charities; NCADV, Joyful Heart Foundation, No More Organization, EVE Foundation, and others.

I plan to produce another anthology in the future that will focus on another topic to raise awareness.

Question five …Where can we purchase the book?

The eBook is available on major platforms:

The Paperback can be purchased here:

Question six…What advice would you personally have for people who feel too scared to open up and find help? Do you hope the book would give them the courage to talk to someone and / or a charity?

ALW: This book may cause triggers for those who have experienced abuse in any form, I just want to warn the readers. However, though there is dark content there is also a light of hope. We want the readers to know they’re not alone and there’s ways to reach out for help. It can be very scary and they need to have a plan before making any moves as it’s likely to be dangerous for them to try to get out, but there is a way and that’s what they need to know. Once they have a set plan (which the help of a friend, family member, or professional is recommended so they’re not in it alone) then they can break free without being harmed in the process. There are help centres all over and the national hotline is listed on the back as well as inside the book for those who need assistance.

Thank you Angel, if you would like to check out Angel and her work then please check out her links 😉


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