Book Review… The Girl with all the Gifts by M.R. Carey… (Beware some spoilers)…

Of course Halloween is upon us and all the spooktacular things are going on, ghosts, ghouls, vampires and of course my favourite…ZOMBIES…


So of course when I saw the film trailer for ‘The girl with all the gifts’ I was intrigued and ordered the book right away to read and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed 😉 You start off in the thick of it, 20 years or so into the future, 20 years into the worldwide pandemic of a fungal virus… Melanie sits in her classroom and awaits to be taught by her favourite teacher Miss Justineau, things go normally for a while until Dr Caldwell wants to cut Melanie open and try to help find a cure for the disease as Melanie and all the other children seem to have bonded with the disease in a different way to the adults. They can still talk, think, learn and do normal things but it all goes wrong when some scavenger type people lead a horde of Hungries to their military camp, it is quickly over run and they have no choice but to flee to Beacon, a safe zone. The troop is led by Sergeant Parks and his mini me Private Gallagher along with Dr Caldwell, Miss Justineau and Melanie all try to survive in a world full of Hungries, scavengers who wish to steal everything they own and of course the threat of the disease becoming airborn once again.

The main story is actually a kind of love story between Melanie who ‘crushes’ and almost ‘loves’ in a way her teacher Miss Justineau, which becomes the teachers lifeline later on as all Melanie wants to do is save her teacher from the Hungries. The Hungries too are the main story but it plays along with how Melanie thinks and feels, how she keeps the hunger at bay so she doesn’t harm the person she loves. The story is brilliant and I loved it, I couldn’t put it down but I think it also stems from the fact that it holds some resemblance to the video game ‘The last of us’, they both have the same ‘disease come virus’, a fungal one called Cordyceps which is like a parasite which takes over the human body using it as a host, until it can reproduce and create spores to smother the world in the disease. It also brings back memories of the Charlie Higson book series ‘The Enemy’ which I am also a huge fan of and since reading this I have had to go back and reread. The main resemblance is the way the Hungries stand still, almost in a trance until something zaps them out of it, in ‘The Enemy’ series the zombie like adults also have this trait.

The book gives of such a scary vibe for our future because of the way it is and the way it all happened it makes you feel like it could actually happen and I have to admit reading it and then falling asleep on the sofa and then waking up a 2am in the morning to find you have to double check that you have locked the house up because your mind is now on overdrive because it gave you a darn nightmare is something I like, if it scares me, its good. The ending did throw me a little and it’s not quite the happy ending everyone would hope for but I feel the ending really does suit this book. Sob…Sob…

I would highly recommend this book to any Zombie lovers out there, its a damn good read!!!

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