It’s the little things… That make me mummy…

It’s the little things that count, like getting messy with the kids painting a beautiful piece of childhood art or baking that messy yummy cake or going to the local toddler group and gluing and sticking or decoarting sweet things there…or even a jump in the odd muddy puddle. It’s all those little things that make memories, make parenthood so interesting, stressful and full to the brim of trial and error.


With my eldest I was so aware that she didn’t have any cousins or close friends that I went a little mad and attended almost every baby and toddler group I could walk to. Few years on and at school she is no longer friends with these children, partly because we moved house but also because she made new friends. I felt as a mummy I had to help her and let her have people to play with where as I could have spent that time a little wiser and made more cakes and mess at home. I now know with my second that friends will happen on their own, I confess I am slightly a little more laid back now, we attend one toddler group with friends from her nursery and its so much calmer and less fake, those people know me and I know them and so does my lillest one. As a parent it is hard work, you do things you feel you should be doing to be a great mummy, when in fact you are a great mummy doing things your way.


There seems to be a feeling of trying to be super mum when you have kids, and I think I’m right when I say all mums feel that pressure to do the best for their kid, to the point it becomes competitive. And I admit with certain mummies that make me feel that way I have also tried to be the best. But it doesn’t work…you just need to chill and be a true mummy.


I find there is nowhere better to be true than at home. Like when my youngest wakes in the night although I might swear stubbing my toe on the way to her room or cursing when she’s wet the bed again and I’m changing it at 2am but I do then love those small cuddles even if I am needing matchsticks to keep my eyes open. I will lay with her to settle her again even til six in the morning giving me an hour to stretch back out in my own bed till the school run alarm rings. I also might let my eldest stay up late with me when I write, she lays on the sofa and drifts off cuddling up and I just carry her up when I go to bed. I love being with my babies, its the best feeling ever…even when they are driving me crazy. But its true mummy moments, times I will always remember.


So I do truly treasure every moment with them whether it be a messy one, making a cake one, a stressful one, a sad or a happy one. These are all moments you will never get back as they grow up 🙂

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