My new years resolutions…um… maybe a little late :-)

2017…The year I now plan to change and make better, somehow.

At the end of December I did have a few of my own resolutions that I made and planned to share but didn’t. But now I feel ready I will share with you. A few I’m really trying and seem to be winning and a couple I’ve failed at already but with around eleven months remaining I do still have time to redeem myself.

*Publish two more books…I have been a bit lax with my writing lately, due to writers block, lack of time to myself and stress but I have begun to get back into the groove and I am currently editing a fantasy book I have written. And I am also still writing the third book to ‘Alone’ which hopefully I will release in August which is the anniversary of the first two 🙂 wish me luck with them both.

*Stick to writing a diary for one year to see if it helps me write better…And so far so good, I write in it daily. Write things I might forget down, little stories or ideas I might otherwise lose on small bits of paper I would find and doodle on. This one I’m acing 🙂 xx

*Donate something once a month to my local foodbank…I did it just before xmas but not since, not because I didn’t want to but because my eldest having lactose intolerance and needing special food was dearer than expected and also we lacked on the money department but I plan to rectify this tomorrow by buying two items for the foodbank. 🙂

*Keep going with marketing and promoting my books…er…yeah…I…still need to keep up with this one…yeah um see ya 🙂

*Be a better wife and mummy…Think I am doing this one ok. Joined back up with a local toddler group for my youngest, sold a few books to pay for my eldests gymnastics and I have been a bit more patient with my hubby. Getting there me thinks xx


*Lose weight…Haha yeah right…where’s the cake!!!


*Be more organised…I am so acing this one too, my diary is helping my mummy brain and I actually sorted out all the paperwork…found some old wages slips from when I left school…yeah won’t say when that was though, I’m still young 🙂 haha 🙂 at heart. xxx

It’s never to late to go back to your resolutions, I’m hoping sticking to these will help me change 2017 for the better xxx What will you do to make 2017 good for you??? Xxx

One thought on “My new years resolutions…um… maybe a little late :-)

  1. I want to tto thank you ffor thiss excellkent read!!
    I ceertainly loved eevery littke bbit of
    it. I’ve goot yoou boik arked tto check outt new things you


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