Mums birthday at a lovely little Japanese restaurant…yum!!!!

Sorry this is a little late but today was busy… First up a little trip to my youngests best friends house (the kids were knackered after yay) then an evening out and a Happy birthday meal for my mum…

That’s how today started with me and everyone who loves my mum wishing her a happy day. And I truly hope she did have a good one. The day ended with myself, the birthday girl and my lil sister all going out for a lovely meal at a little place called…Sapporo. A lovely little Japanese restaurant hidden away on a street in Eastbourne.


Now I have never really eaten Japanese food much before, although I have actually been to this restaurant once before and to be honest I had been a bit safe with what I ate, this time though with the help of lil sis who is a Japanese nut and mum who recommended some dishes, I chose something a little out of my comfort zone…Sushi!!! Now I have tried the ones you find in Tesco and I did like them but they weren’t really true to what sushi really is. So tonight I bit the seaweed and tried it and I loved it!!! My starter was made by a great sushi chef who seemed to take care with his sushi and even changed it up a bit to give it his own twist. I had an avocado roll and a cucumber roll which were delish, the seaweed and rice really set off the dish which was surprisingly filling. My lil sis had cucumber too but also salmon one which I was a little hesitant to try as it had tiny fish eggs on the outside but that too was yum. There were also some Japanese dumplings with a special sauce my mum chose and that was delicious not like our now boringly British dumplings.


Next up was the main course, last time I went I had been safe with veggie noodles but this time I went for Salmon Teriyaki with rice. This was gorgeous, the salmon was just right not slimy or over cooked, the rice was sticky and I even tried to eat the rice with chopsticks but haha I’m no pro at that.


All of this was washed down with a few cups of Jasmine tea which I drink at home in the special tea bags but this was the proper stuff. And in a cute little teapot too.


Then it was time to head off home but not before a selfie or two.


Now if anyone is ever in Eastbourne or lives there and hasn’t tried it yet I give this place my seal of recommendation, it is such a lovely friendly place, the staff were lovely and most importantly so was the food.

So mum happy birthday and I hope you had a wicked night xxxx

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