Being Mummy and trying to look half alive…

I have always been the type of girl who likes to try and make the effort with my appearance, mainly just make up and that is due to my skin tone, I am fair and pale and my eyelashes are blonde so when I have no mascara on I look like I have no eyelashes. Also as I have grown into motherhood I think it is nice to make sure I still look after me sometimes not just the kids, a good hot bubble bath, a nice new hair cut (I really need one my split ends are horrendous) and some make up to make me feel pretty.


Now I am not one of those who spends thousands on make up, I literally buy what I like and what I need. I am also not one of those who sticks to one brand, my make up bag is full of many different brands. For example for my eye shadow and lip gloss I love Younique, Mascara I love Body Shop lash hero, foundation is Rimmel as well as my eye liner, my cleanser, day and night creams have to be No 7, nothing else seems to keep my skin so nice…I like different brands because some of their make up works differently for me for different things and other pieces of their brand just don’t work for me at all.

I did love the Younique 3D fibre lashes when they first arrived, they made my lashes look larger than life but after a few weeks the gel became clumpy and the fibres didn’t stick well (Hence I now see they have redone the formula and it does look great) but for their price I have to say I won’t go back to that one. The Body Shop lash hero which I ordered through a friends body shop party is great, the liquid flows onto my lashes easily and makes them look bigger and longer which with my short, stubby blonde things is a gem. But with Younique I find their lip stains and glosses are gorgeous and make my lips feel so soft and well groomed that I keep going back and I will stick to those. I have also started using the Body Shops Hemp hand cream as I have granny hands…No really I do, they are so dry and look mega old, even the lady at the Body Shop party commented on my hands…But the cream is brilliant, I love it…Even if it does have a rather…Icky smell to it, so its not one to wear out and about when you want to impress friends or your hubby…Oh no!!

Now sometimes as a mummy you sort of feel, uh…I haven’t changed my look in so long, I look plain and boring, I need a pick me up, so what better thing to do when the kids are in bed and at school is to mess around with your make-up…E.G. Lipsticks!!!! I don’t normally wear lipstick as I always get it on my teeth but sometimes it is nice just to give yourself a mini make over. Hope you like my pic’s (Don’t laugh…Ok well maybe a little giggle is allowed).


Now I’m not saying all mummies should wear make up, in fact a lot of mums on the school run don’t and they look fine, they have a good skin tone that doesn’t make them look like the walking dead!!! But me, I class myself with no make up on as ‘The Walking Mum’…Catchy don’t you think??? But I do think sometimes mummies do need to pamper themselves just to make a bad week feel not so bad, to enlighten your spirit when you are down, or just to giggle at how ridiculous you might look trying out a new look. 🙂 xxxx

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