Making Cakes… Free From Milk, Gluten and Wheat…

So late in 2015 my eldest was diagnosed with Lactose intolerance and at first it wasn’t too bad, we just stuck to everything dairy free…Easy peasy…Then at the end of 2016 turns out she might be a little more than just Lactose intolerant and we were advised to put her on a complete Free From diet. At first she was a little dubious, she didn’t like the look, the taste or the texture of the new foods and even now she gets upset because she cannot eat the same foods as everyone else. She doesn’t like to be different.

So today we went shopping and decided to buy a few different things from the Free From aisle, for her to make herself to see whether if she made them she would like them better and…So far so good…She has eaten the cakes we have made and she loves them and with pancake day coming up I plan on buying the Free From pancake mix to make too.

Ingredients… (Yes I did cheat with a packet mix we are after all new to this Free From deal)

*140g dairy free butter (Softened).

*3 Large eggs.

*20ml of water.

Method…What it says to do on the packet!!!

*Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees.

*Grease 2 cakes tins.

*Empty mix into a large bowl.

*Add the other ingredients. The butter, the eggs and the water and beat together until mixture is smooth.

*Divide the mixture into the 2 tins equally.

*Bake for 20-22 minutes or until a knife comes out clean from skewing it into the cakes.

*Leave to cool before turning out then fill and decorate as desired.

We chose with the Vanilla flavoured one to fill it with Strawberry Jam as this was what my eldest ordered we do, my youngest on the other hand loves chocolate and with the chocolate cake she had us smother it with Free From chocolate spread.

Both the girls had so much fun making these cakes and when they came out the oven they smelled and looked delicious. I have to admit I too am a choco holic and dived straight into the chocolate flavoured one and even though the ingredients are slightly different to those of other cakes which are not for people who need the special Free From ingredients they still tasted amazing!!! Maybe a little dry compared to other cakes but the flavour was all there and I didn’t mind the dryness, especially if it helps my daughters tummy as we have decided to all eat Free From so she doesn’t feel so self conscious of it.

I always shop at Tesco, my friends all take the micky of me because if they call or text I am usually in there doing shopping. But they have a good range of Free From products from curry sauce, bread, cookies, gravy, pasta sauce and pasta, cereal, ice cream and pancakes. Hopefully all these things will help our eldest and I will keep you all updated with new recipes we come across for her food but if anyone out there has any of the Free From recipes we might like then please feel free to comment. .x.x.x.x.



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