30 things I want to do before I’m 30…

So I heard someone say to someone else (whilst out having a coffee in town) what it was they had planned to do before they hit 30 and whether they had actually achieved it or not, now I thought what a great idea to write as a blog. There are so many things I want to do or have done that mean something to me so I thought well why not write them down. So here is my 30 before I’m 30…


1)Get Married – Well obviously I have achieved this one and in December we celebrated our 2nd anniversary. As a little girl I always wanted to get married and wear a pretty dress and feel like a princess for a day and I have to admit other than having the kids that was one of the best days of my life.

2)Have kids – I half done this one as originally I always wanted 4 of them. 4!!! What was I thinking??? My 2 are definitely enough for me and Mr Hubby and we don’t plan on having anymore…Too expensive and our house is way too small and hubby has already lost his hair with our 2, if we had anymore I’m pretty sure he would lose the plot.

3)Own my own home – Somehow I don’t think I will achieve this by the time I’m 50 let alone the age of 30. I have always wanted to have my own home, somewhere that is ours and no one else’s but due to the economic climate, my partner being made redundant before and then having his accident any money we saved or could have saved went on our rented house…So one I would love to do but highly unlikely.

4)A Boob Job – Yes this might seem selfish and little vain of me but ever since I was a teen I hated my boobs. Everyone else had ones that grew yet mine stayed smaller than I liked. I did plan on having one done but due to me being a wuss and having strange blood as I tend to bleed too much for no reason I have not had it done and to be honest I probably won’t as it costs too much and I watched a programme recently with Danielle Lloyd and her regrets on how it went wrong…So a maybe but probably a no no.

5)Become a well known author – Could happen if I manage to somehow hit it in the writing world. Now that might be a little difficult as I self publish and my books aren’t in the mainstream shops as I haven’t gone traditional and I can’t afford to get them there on my own but I swear to myself that if I keep writing and keep self publishing that one day I might just get noticed by someone in the book world and make it.

6)Go to San Francisco – As a teen I always loved the television show ‘Charmed’ and always wanted to visit the place where it was meant to be set. Now I do know the great Charmed house isn’t actually there its somewhere like California or Florida (I can’t remember where) but to see the golden gate bridge and other locations would be so cool and magical for me.

7)Lose weight – Now this is a yearly resolution of mine, after having my kids I did pile on the pounds a little bit and I swear every year I’m going to lose some but after stresses of human life and food…(I do love food) I haven’t actually achieved it yet…But there is still time 😉

8)Buy the Last Of Us Part 2 – Ok so not really a big achievement but the first game on PS4 really got my juices flowing and helped me write my zombie books ‘Alone and Lone’, and with the next instalment hopefully out around 2019 I might just get to play it before I turn 30.

9)Take the kids to Disney Land (Paris or America I don’t mind which) – As they are getting older they are watching all the Disney films and seeing the actual place on tv and are asking to go. As a big child myself I would really love to go to and see the look on their faces as we explore somewhere magical and meet the princesses and pirates.

10)Make a successful blog – So I have had my blog going for a year and a bit and I admit I lost my love for it around November 2016 and have only just found my love for it again. My dream would be to have a successful blog like Louise Pentland who is an idol of mine, I love her youtube videos, her blogs and her books and Dvd and would love to be as successful as her.

11)Meet Louise Pentland – Like I said she’s my idol so why wouldn’t I love to meet her. 😉

12)Write the book to go with The Last Of Us game – Bit of a random one but I love the last of us and have always looked for the book version but other than the comics which are based before the game I have never found one. If anyone knows how to contact Naughty Dog to see if I could please help me…(I have tried through Song and PlayStation but they couldn’t help).

13)Get Rick on my Walking dead game no man’s land – Rick is my favourite character and I would love to have him on my team. Currently I have 32 tokens for him out of 250, so I still have a long way to go yet!!

14)Read all The Walking Dead Comics – I have the first omnibus version of the comics which goes up to the prison but at £60 a go for each omnibus I have to save a little more to get them. I would love to see how the TV show and the Comics differ especially if they ever conclude it.

15)Go to Japan – I love Japan, mainly the games, manga books and Anime TV they create but also the traditions they hold and all their old and ancient temples. Now my little sister is a lucky bum and won a competition to go there in the autumn and I cannot wait to see her pictures and hear her tales when she goes and comes home.

16)Own my own library at home – I might need a bigger home with at least one extra bedroom to achieve this but it could be possible. I have three book cases full to the brim already so I’m like half way there already.

17)Work at Tesco – Ok a strange one as I am an author but it doesn’t make that much money unless you hit it big time. I would like to work their part time in the evenings so I could at least work towards a pension and feel like I contribute to my home but as of yet Tesco seem to be a hard cookie to crack.

18)Go back to LEGOLAND – My kids love Lego, I love Lego and my hubby loves Lego and when we went to LEGOLAND Windsor it was a win win all around as we all had fun. The hotel is great and full of Lego character and the theme park is fun too. I love the miniature land they have full of famous landmarks and places around the world. Must have taken so much time and patience to build.

19)Have someone in the celebrity world read and review one of my books – This would be a dream especially if it was a good review. For someone of status to read and like one of my books would just be awesome. Here’s to hoping!!!

20)Learn how to apply my make up like a pro – Sometimes I wish I was a make up artist and that I knew how to apply my make up to make me look my best but sometimes it just doesn’t cut it when I apply it. My eye liner isn’t straight, my powder smudges or wipes off too easily or it just doesn’t look like I’ve applied any at all haha. Well with youtube I guess I could learn.

21)See Sia in concert – I love Sia’s music, her songs have inspired me to write many books and what better way to experience her music than to see her live. Well next time she’s in the UK I may just book a ticket or two.

22)Go to another book festival – I loved joining in with the Eastbourne book festival last year and the year before and if the Underground Theatre decide to do another again I am all set and ready to go. It was so much fun and I love meeting other authors and new readers.

23)Help my kids grow up to be the best than can be – Ok so this one may take a few years after I’m 30, many, many years and to be honest maybe forever but I do hope I managed to make them proud and that they do me proud and grow into two lovely young ladies.

24)Learn how to draw – Now I can draw sometimes when I’m in the mood and sometimes it looks half decent but as I do my own front covers as I can’t afford a £300-500 bill for a brilliant piece of art by a true artist I want them to look as professional as possible. Maybe a course at my local college can help?

25)Make some decent friends – Now since becoming a mummy this has always been a big issue for me. A lot of mummy pals I’ve become friends with have only be-friended me to see what they can get and use my good nature to their advantage and then when I clock onto it and have enough they then move on to the next victim. Now lately I guess I have been luckier meeting a few good ones that appreciate me and chat away to me which has been a breath of fresh air and I hope maybe I can help them too if they need it. But I will say now I am older I am learning quicker who the bad nuts are and to stand my ground with them when they try to take the micky out of me.

26)Get my nails done – Now this might seem easy, simple, just go to a salon and get them done but me and my hubby tend to always have money troubles, I guess its just our generation and the last time I had my nails done was four months before I got married!!! That’s over two years ago!!! I have learnt to do them at home with quick acrylics but they don’t last nearly as long as the gel ones with the special varnish that too goes under the UV light. So when the summer comes I’m going to try to bribe my hubby into getting them done for me 😉

27)Get my hair cut at a salon – As I trained as a hairdresser I now have a bit of a phobia of going to the salon to get my hair cut as I like the way I cut hair and people don’t always do it the same as me or how I like. But after three years of cutting it myself it has now reached a length which is kinda impossible and I have to resort to getting my hubby to trim a straight line for me at the back. The rest I can do, sort of straight if the kids aren’t harassing me haha.

28)Decorate our bedroom – Now we love our little rented house and our landlord let’s us decorate it to how we like which is great. Every other room in the house has always been redecorated nicely other than our bedroom, purely because by the time it comes to us we have run out of money, no enthusiasm or the girls have made our room into a junk room. So I think this year its our rooms turn to be turned into a pretty place for us to sleep.

29)Buy some trendy clothes – I tend to love a bit of charity shop shopping but sometimes their clothes can be a little out of date. I think the next time I do a splurge on clothes I should try and go for brand new ones. Now I’m not saying I never buy brand new clothes, I do…but the charity shop is so super local to me and the town with new shops is a drive away…And yeah I sound lazy now…Next!!

30)The big 3…o…Number 30…Drum roll please…I want to have published 10 books by the time I am 30 – Hopefully this won’t be too hard as I have already published three and I have two in the process for this year. I just hope my imagination keeps pumping out those stories for me to write as I love writing and would love for people to see that I have done something good and great with my life.

Thanks for reading…What would your goals be???


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