Advice that has always stuck with me…

So whbitmoji-20170203080438en I was a child I always remember my step-dad giving me one piece of advice that has always stuck with me…To always tell the people who mean the world to you that you love them…

As I got older I realised this is because you never know what is going to happen in life, one minute someone will be there and the next they could be taken away. I learnt that last year when my hubby had his accident, now I admit I was lucky he came home but what if he hadn’t? Now I always make sure that I tell him and both my girls that I love them, even if I’m just nipping to the shops I like to make sure they know what they mean to me as you never know when it could be the last time you say ‘Love you’ to them. Even when they are sound asleep I will go in and kiss them and tell them I love them in the hope it will get into their subconscious mind. My eldest is normally sound asleep and doesn’t stir but my youngest normally stirs and tells me she loves me too before falling back asleep.

Some other advice I always remember is from my nan and I have passed this on to my children too and it is…If you can remember a dream from your sleep especially a nightmare it won’t come true…The dreams you can’t remember will because they are things that should happen that you shouldn’t know about yet. I always tell my girls this especially when one of them has had a bad dream, I have brought dream catchers which my mum always recommended to me to catch their bad dreams but just in case it misses one or two its ok because they won’t come true.

What bit of advice do you remember being told and why did it stick???


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