Bitmoji…My new favourite thing!!!

So as some you have seen lately I love using the funky cool little cartoon avatars of me…Sort of me…Well the Bitmoji version anyway. I came across this when I installed snapchat on my phone and it came up with the whole ‘You might like this’ thing. Now I remember seeing on Facebook from some of my author friends using Bitstrips, a cartoon story of what they were getting up to that day and I always wanted to have one but when I looked for it, it was gone and since looking up I have found that it was bought out and stopped doing what made it so good. But I’m not too bothered as Bitmoji is just as fun and it can show people my mood and give them a laugh just by me posting it to my page or my blog.

They have many different things you can do to your own personal avatar like change the hair colour, length and whether its an up or down do, the eyes, the clothes, you can pretty much give it a personality of its own. I also like that with certain films or TV shows it will have a small selection to chose from based on them, currently being ‘Game of Thrones and Zoolander’ but for me what would be brilliant would be a Walking Dead version (Hints if anyone from Bitmoji ever looks at my blog…I would very much like a Rick, Daryl, Maggie, Rosita, Carl, Carol, Michonne, Negan…Ok yeah you get the hint). But they are so fun to use and some actually really make me giggle. I am using mine as another part of me, the side of me that isn’t afraid to say what she thinks, seen as I am a little shy and don’t really tend to say what I think unless I’m angry…And you won’t like me when I’m angry…Hulkwoman Mad!!!!

I think if you loved Bitstrips or just like a laugh you should download it, mines on my phone and is super easy to use and you can even send the pic’s in messaging. So why not have a laugh and have a go. .x.

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