Lovely people…

Isn’t it nice when you actually meet some decent like minded people?? Hell yeah…


So this week has been quite good for me, first up my youngest had a play date with her best lil buddy from nursery and I have to admit I don’t think I’ve ever been welcomed by such a lovely couple before. They welcomed us all into their home and had even brought special food for our eldest who cannot eat dairy and Gluten, it was so heart warming and on the plus side they were so easy to get on with and chat to and I think my hubby loved their little chubby dog who was the cutest doggie ever. The kids had so much fun playing and screaming together and even loved playing with their youngest who is a little tiny person and happy toddling around with them. Hence forth when we arrived home both my kids were super tired and the youngest even fell asleep by three pm, that never happens, my kids are hyper little monkeys.

I think my best moment from the play date was when I was called upstairs to help my little one with her potty only to find she had pinched the other girls potty and they are both sitting there chatting whilst weeing like it was the most normal thing in the world…I can see their friendship lasting a long, long time…Friendships where you can pee and chat together is rare and shouldn’t be sniffed at lol. 😉

Another good thing was a meeting I had at my eldest’s school, she had some time off due to her tummy problems before Christmas and we had to go and explain to the head teacher why she hadn’t been in and give over a doctors note. I am happy to say the head was so understanding and has even ordered a menu from the catering company who do the school dinners to see if they can do a special Free From lunch for my daughter as she commented on how it wasn’t fair we should miss out on the free school dinners and pay for more Free From food which isn’t cheap. This as a mummy to my poorly little monkey has made my day that people want to help her and make her feel included and comfortable at the school.

These are only two little positives this week but after last week I am clinging on to the positives in our lives and making them count. I hope this week is a positive one for you too but remember if it isn’t there is always next week. 😉


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