The Last Of Us Part 2!!! OMG!!!

So I kinda brought this magazine, a magazine I am keeping forever because it is telling me how my most favourite computer game in the universe is bringing out a ‘Part 2’!!! OMFG!!! The magazine was ‘PLAYSTATION (R) Official Magazine’ and I spotted it in my local Tesco…as you do and I just had to get it, how could I not?


For anyone who knows me and I’m sure most of you do by now is that I loved ‘The Last Of Us’, it was what inspired me to write my zombie horror books, ‘Alone and Lone’. The story is unbeatable in my opinion and it has been voted game of the year by the very magazine I am hugging tightly. Ok, Ok so they don’t expect it to come out until possibly 2019 but what I have read and also seen on youtube and their Facebook page looks incredible and I cannot hold my excitement. The whole scene with Ellie sitting on the bed in what looks to be a teenagers room covered in blood and playing a guitar and singing a rather shaky song is spooky, spine tingling and hopefully a glance at how great this second instalment is going to be. It also indicates that maybe Ellie is going to be the main character for this one, although she was pretty much one in the first one, it was actually Joel’s story we saw, through his eyes and his life and to have it switch to Ellie has got my mind wondering on whether they have kept Joel alive in this instalment or whether they have killed him off. We do see what we believe is Joel with his voice asking Ellie, “What are you doing kiddo? You really gonna go through with this?” but we don’t see his face, he isn’t covered in blood and it has many people speculating that maybe he died and Ellie want’s revenge or maybe even that she found out what he did at the end of the last game and killed him herself. I cannot wait to see what happens in this game and I will be eagle eyed watching for anymore updates. For the full story why not grab a copy of the magazine yourself or check it all out online…



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