Happy Valentine’s Day…

So it’s come to that time of year when the people we love get to be celebrated. I love Valentine’s day, partly becasue I get a present (What’s not to like about that) but also because I get to treat the man in my life … as pennys are a little tight this year we only got each other small things but we decided to have a nice meal at home together and watch a film, which is great but it means my poor hubby is being subjected to my cooking, steak, chips and veggies….The Walking Mummy style which means cremated with an extra hint of burnt!!!

But Valentine’s day shouldn’t be just a day for those of us who have a partner, it should be celebrated by everyone. If your alone you shouldn’t be afraid to buy yourself something nice, you should always learn to love yourself first (Believe me I learnt this the hard way) I was never one for loving or believing in myself but now I have grown up I see that I should love and like myself if I’m to ever be happy, the rest just follows after that.

If you know anyone who is alone this Valentine’s day or a family member who needs cheering up or a friend you love for friendship reasons why not send them a card, some flowers or make something special for them…You never know you might make someones day.

Roses are red, violets are blue, you love me and I love you, daffodils are yellow, lillies are white, I love you with my whole heart tonight. 


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