Mummy Dates Project 2017…Half term part two…

So I found this Mummy Dates Project 2017 on Louise Pentlands blog, aka Sprinkle of Glitter (she is my idol) and I thought wow what a great idea to plan and make dates just for mummy and babies/ toddlers/ children or even teens if they will let you spend time with them. Just mummy and your little miracles. And well as half term had snuck up on me I thought what better time to try this out than now. πŸ™‚ 

Check out the original post by Sprinkle of Glitter woman Louise Pentland below and join in the fun.

Original post by Louise Pentland

Our first mummy date was with some friends. Our older kids have been friends since nursery but we hadn’t met up for a while due to other commitments so we decided that the half term was the perfect time to meet. Drusillas is a zoo sort of close to home, only a 20 minute drive give or take and lucky for me my friend is a member and got us in cheap with a special voucher (thanks) as you know, half term pennies need to be pinched to last the whole week!!! 

The weather was sunny with a rather crisp chill in the air but all wrapped up warm the kids didn’t feel it…unlike silly me who had a cold already and didn’t wrap up very warm…lol (clever me). Now the zoo does have a sort of system to it, you follow the zoo route and end up at the play park after seeing the animals but clever us decided to go the wrong way round which was a good idea. We went to the soft play first and we actually secured a table to sit at, which if we had gone the other way we would never have got one because its normally heaving as everyone reaches it around the same time. Then after a long play inside and outside we then saw the animals…

We also went into the information room and saw lots of confiscated items by customs. (Picture below is an elephants tooth).

(Picture above is a hippos tooth).

We saw skins and ivory that poachers had illegally killed the animal for. It was interesting for the kids to find out about.

I loved having mummy dates with the kids πŸ™‚ xxx where would you go for mummy or daddy dates??? Xxxx

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